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It’s avocado season! Whoohooo! Who doesn’t love a good avocado? They're creamy, savory, and full of delicious healthy fat. They make a great addition to sandwiches, a substitute for numerous ingredients, and they even make a killer face mask.

Also, they look like dragon eggs which is pretty cool...

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If you spend any time on the internet ( which, obviously...) you know avocado toast is pretty much a thing. I don't know if there has been a dish ‘grammed, snapped, or tweeted about quite as often. Don't get us wrong. We do love avocado toast. There’s just more out there! The world is full of amazing avocado possibilities! Let’s dig in, shall we?


Top Ten Avocado Recipes (Think Beyond The Toast!)


Avocado pasta (bonus points if you use spaghetti squash or zoodles)- There are hundreds of recipes for pasta with an avocado based cream sauce. Go ahead and run it though Pinterest. Better yet, we’ve done it for you! This recipe from Damn Delicious looks tasty and easy! You can’t beat that.

IMG 2388edit

Egg/tuna/chicken salad- Basically, substitute the mayo with a smashed avocado and you are golden! This is a great way to make a quick lunch a little healthier. We're currently digging this recipe from Fresh Family Meals

avocado chix salad 


Avocado hummus- So easy. So tasty. Try this recipe from Cafe Delites

Avocado Hummus 2


Avocado ice-cream- Hear us out on this. It sounds weird. Maybe it kinda is, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. Give it a whirl! Recipe: All Day I Dream About Food

Mexican Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream 2

Avocado egg bowls- Paleo Hacks will have your new favorite breakfast on the table in 23 minutes. It’s seriously a great way to start your day and all the protein and fat will keep you full for hours!

Easy Baked Avocado and Egg Recipe


Avocado fries- Move over sweet potato. There’s a new french fry alternative in town. recipe: STL cooks

avocado fries1


Avocado brownies- 
Remember when we told you to give avocado ice-cream a chance? You need to do the same for brownies! The avocado makes them super rich and moist. Don’t just take our word for it. Take Frugal Momeh's and try her recipe!

Avocado Brownies 

Avocado pesto-
Put that summertime basil to work by making pesto! recipe: wholesomelicious

Avocado Pesto 

Avocado chicken meatballs- We plan on trying these Mango + Jalapeño Chicken Meatballs from The Whole Smiths asap!

 avocado meatballs


Avocado face-mask- Why should your tastebuds have all the fun? Avocado is not only delicious, it’s also great for soothing the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. This recipe from Family Focus Blog can be whipped up in minutes!

 Avocado Facial in a Jar Final


What's your favorite way to eat avocado?


Written by Brenda Sapanghila


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