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With all of the inconsistency in the weather this year, it is hard to believe that we are entering into the spring season. But do not be fooled as others may be— summer is quickly approaching! With summer comes fun outdoors, on vacation, at the pool, on the lake, and at the beach. Because we want everyone to have a fun and safe summer, here are the top 10 reasons you shouldn’t wait any longer to enroll in swim lessons!

Top Ten Reasons To Enroll In Swim Lessons

1 SWIMMING IS A LIFE-SKILL, NOT JUST A SPORT. While many choose to enroll in swim lessons as an extracurricular activity, it is one of the only sports that when mastered can actually save a person’s life. Because our summers are usually full of fun in and around water, it is essential that everyone learn to swim and be safe.

2 BE READY FOR FUN IN THE SUN. Why wait until the pool opens or the water warms up at the beach to learn how to swim? Gain confidence and prepare for the summer ahead of time by enrolling earlier in the year.

3 THE SOONER THE SAFER. Getting started at an early age allows a swimmer to develop a comfort level with the water conducive for quicker learning when older. Little Fish provides lessons to all ages starting as early as 6 months old.

4 LEARNING TO SWIM TAKES COMMITMENT. Similar to any other skill that you want to master, swimming takes a consistent commitment. The swimmers who enroll in a year-round or once or twice-a-week class consistently graduate more levels and achieve their goals faster than those who only practice a month or two at a time. If you want your ‘little fish’ to be swimming by summer, start practicing now!

5 MICHAEL PHELPS HAD TO START SOMEWHERE. Many swimmers take lessons with different goals in mind, but professional swim lessons teach every student how to swim, with correct form, no matter what level they are. Some students find their passion in the pool, and go on to compete on year-round swim teams.

6 RELAX...YOU DESERVE IT. When a swimmer becomes confident and competent in the water, there is a huge shift in family enjoyment around the pool or at the beach. As parents, we always maintain safety barriers, like fences and line of sight. When your child swims like a 'little fish’ without a floaty, you will find a whole new level of relaxation this season!

7 SMALLER CLASSES MAKE SENSE. When you only have a 30 minute lesson in the pool, the number of students determines the amount of time available for practice. Look for a class that limits group class size to no more than four students, or that offer semi-private/private classes! (Little Fish Swimming limits group class size to no more than four students. And for those who desire even more one-on-one practice, we offer semi-private and private classes as well!)

8 PROGRESS, PROGRESS, and more PROGRESS. Even in a group environment, your swimmer will have their own swim level and work toward their goals individually. If they are ready to graduate, we provide them the opportunity to advance, and will even find a more advanced group if needed to help continue their success in the pool!

9 EXERCISE IS FUN? Of course it is when you are swimming! Children who are learning to swim reap all the health benefits that come along with swimming for exercise. It is a proven low-resistance, high-energy exercise that you can continue doing for the rest of your life.

10 THE BEST LESSONS ARE EXPERIENCE. This isn’t just a slogan at Little Fish Swimming. This is the air we breathe! Swim lessons should not be just another drive-thru experience. Find a swim lesson provider that welcomes each family to the pool and communicates swimmers’ specific goals and needs to parents. 

Little Fish Swimming has classes for everyone, from children age 6 months to adults! Classes are small (no more than four students) and a certified coach is in the water with your child at all times! Learning to swim is easy and fun as kids progress through 21 structured levels of swimming. They are rewarded with prizes and graduation cards at the completion of each level! Learn everything from water safety, to flotation, to the competitive skills necessary to participate on a swim team.

Check out this season's upcoming swim lessons, Spring Break Camp, and info on birthday parties at Little Fish Swimming


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