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Oh, Valentine's Day... On one hand, it's always awesome to celebrate love. Who wouldn't want to set aside a whole day to reflect on how great love is? On the other hand, Valentine's Day can sometimes feel cheesy or forced. When your kids or significant other ask you what you want for Valentine's Day, what do you say? Heck, do you even know what you're getting your loved one? You're hardly capable of remembering to put on shoes before you leave the house let alone craft anything. Have no fear! The Fred Parent team is here!


Top Ten Things Parents Really Want For Valentine’s Day

1 Sleep- I mean, this goes without saying right? Kind of a softball answer, but it's just so true! In a nutshell, Let us sleep undisturbed so long that we wake up disoriented and unsure of what day it is.


2 A cup of coffee that will never get cold- We can all dream, right? Wasn't there a spell in Harry Potter for this?


3 Time alone- Even for just an hour. That blessed alone time will give our minds a chance to focus and reset. Trust us. It's necessary.


4 Time with each other- Because we also need some one-on-one with the person we love the most.


5 Something the kids made- There is nothing sweeter than a gift from the kids! We will cherish those little handmade cards and necklaces FOREVER.


6 Words from the heart - While flowers and candy are nice, we really want words of affirmation. Let us know we're doing a good job as a mom or at work. Tell us you love our snort laugh and that our Netflix queue is genuis. Bonus points if you write it in a letter.


7 For our most hated chore to be done- Scrub the bathroom, mop the floors, or vacuum the car all without complaining. Swoon!


8 A judgment free hour at Target with a cup of coffee. It’s the simple things in life, right?


9 A clean, clutter free home. - We totally get that it will only last 3 seconds, but it will be an amazing 3 seconds! We may even post pictures of it on Instagram. You know, just in case we forget what it looks like.

10 An elephant the size of a puppy. - Adorable! Also a little inside joke from our Facebook Page. Drop in and say hi!

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