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Thanksgiving is definitely one of our all time favorite holidays! It's all about food, family, and thankfulness. This year, why not add in a few tweaks to make it a bit healthier, too! Now, we don't want to take anything away from this special day. After all, many people wait all year for grandma's sweet potatoes or pecan pie. We're willing to bet, however, that adding in just a few of these recipes or trying a few of these tips will make your day healthier, and just as much fun!


Top Ten Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips


1)  Portion like a pro- Every part of the Thanksgiving spread is delicious. We totally get that! Instead of piling your plate sky high when the feast begins, why not put a few bites of everything on your plate and go back for seconds of your absolute favorites?

2) You don't need to gobble 'til you wobble- Seriously. You'll feel miserable and bloated afterwards AND there will be fewer leftovers. Tragic! Eat until you're full. Savor the meal and the company. Eat slowly and linger over how freaking amazing that stuffing and turkey gravy is. We promise, you won't leave disappointed... or uncomfortable for that matter!

3) Splurge on your favorites. Is the best part of every meal dessert? Then, be sure to actually save room for dessert! Indulge on the parts of the meal you're looking forward to the most and take smaller portions of the parts that excite you less. Not a dessert person? Skip it and have a cup of coffee instead!

4) Befriend the cauliflower - Instead of/ in addition to mashed potatoes, try cauliflower mash. It's fantastic! Not ready to fully commit to the brassica? You can actually substitute half of your potatoes with boiled cauliflower and then mash as your normally would.

5) Skinny Make Ahead Gravy - Shhh..No one has to know.


6) Add more delicious veggie dishes to your spread- The more options you have, the more likely you are to eat a better variety of vegetables.  Check out our Thanksgiving Pinterest board for some great veggie recipes. Trust us, they are anything but boring!

7)  Try this revamped broccoli casserole - Fewer chemicals and more cheese? What's not to love?


8) Get active! - Play football, kick a ball around, or take a walk before/after the feast. Don't focus on burning calories. That's not what this is about. Focus on having fun with your loved ones and getting your blood pumping at the same time.

9) Substitute for healthier ingredients - Did you know that you can substitute sugar for applesauce and it won't change the flavor or consistency of what you're making? There are several ways you can tweak recipes to make them a bit healthier. Check a few of these substitutions out here.

10) Um... Thanksgiving doesn't have to only come once a year. -  You can buy turkey and stuffing year round! If you find yourself wanting to gorge on T-day because it's the only time you eat sweet potatoes with marshmallows, then by all means make them year round so it's no longer a temptation! Besides, life is too short limit your Thanksgiving favorites just once a year.




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