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You've made it to the final stretch of pregnancy! Congrats! The nursery is finished (maybe?), you've settled on a name or a few names, installed the car seat, and have drafted a birth plan (or have at least thought about it). All that's left to do is pack your hospital bag. So... what should you pack? We've rounded up our top ten must haves for those special first few days in the hospital with your little one. Good luck!

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Top Ten Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag


1      The good camera- Smartphone cameras have definitely come a long way! We won't deny our love for Instagram either. There's no replacing a great picture taken with a quality camera, though. Bring the nice one.


2      A nursing bra- If you choose to breastfeed, a comfortable nursing bra is a must. Your milk probably won't come in during the first few days. However, you will be working on latching and giving your baby colostrum every few hours. A nursing bra may make that easier.


3      Extra hair ties- Between laboring, late night feeding sessions, and surprise visitors, you'll need to throw your hair up and out of the way multiple times. Be sure to pack extra hair ties so you're not constantly searching for one.


4      Whatever makeup makes you feel put together- Mascara and concealer, eyeliner, lipgloss… After a long pregnancy, grueling labor, and adjusting to a new baby, treating yourself to something that makes you feel pretty is such a treat. Plus, you know there are going to be lots of pictures of mama and baby.


5      Flip flops or slippers- In the event that you have a c-section, part of the recovery is taking walks up and down the hospital hallways. Be sure to pack shoes that will easily slip on and off your feet, and are comfortable. Having a vaginal birth? Yeah, you're totally not going to regret the easy, comfortable shoes. Trust us!


6     All the chargers- The LAST thing you want to worry about at the hospital is your phone, tablet, or camera battery dying. Remember those chargers!


7      Whatever YOU need for sleep- Sleep is so important for healing. With a newborn, it will not be easy to come by. Be sure to bring the things from home that help you ease into dreamland. Maybe that's your pillow (or two), your eye mask, ear plugs, a book, or an extra soft blanket. Bring what you need. Helpful hint: If this includes a large item like a pillow, wait until you're in the Mommy/ Baby room you that know you'll be in for the next couple of days before getting it out of the car. There's no sense in lugging it through the delivery and recovery rooms if you won't be using it. Of course, if your labor is long and you will be attempting to sleep in between contractions please grab that pillow! 


8      Black yoga pants- They're popular for a reason, guys. Black yoga pants are forgiving, comfortable, easy to pull on and off, and hide a myriad of stains. Plus, in the event that you have a c-section, they are gentle on the incision area.


9     A top long enough to cover your bum in those yoga pants- So about those yoga pants... They don't really hide the bulky pads you wear after delivery very well. Be sure to pack tops that cover your bum, or maybe a pretty robe or kimono top.


10   Boppy or My Breast Friend- These are invaluable tools to have when you and your newborn are learning how to breastfeed. Especially, since newborns are not strong enough yet to hold their heads in place, and your abdomen is just starting to recover its strength.


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