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Earth Day is next Wednesday! We've rounded up a few ways you can celebrate locally and everyday. Like The Lorax says, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."


Top Ten Ways To Celebrate Earth Day


1)Good Turn Earth Co.- There's a new business coming to the Fredericksburg area that’s looking to make a positive impact in our community, and on the environment. The Good Turn Earth Co. collects green waste from the landfill and creates a living, breathing soil (compost) out of it. Brilliant! They’re currently running a crowd funding campaign until Earth Day (the 22nd). Check them out here, share their mission, and if you can, contribute a bit to get them off the ground.


2)The Earth Day Festival at Old Mill Park  This is a FREE event happening on Saturday (4/18/15)! Enjoy loads of environmental exhibits, pony rides, live music, food, birds of prey, and hands on activities. Learn how your family make a difference environmentally and have a great time!


3)Buy used or up-cycled whenever you can. We’re not just talking clothes either! Think: furniture, cars, sports equipment, tools, etc.  Luckily for us, Fredericksburg has lots of GREAT resources for used and up-cycled goods…When Pigs Fly, Forage, ReStore, Rikki’s Refuge, Mommy Traders, Craigslist, Re-Run Shoppe, and Play It Again Sports are just a few businesses that specialize in that area.


4)Stop using plastic bottles and bags. Choosing to fill up a reusable water bottle or packing a lunch with reusable bags doesn't just reduce waste in the landfill (though that is awesome!) You’re also reducing the carbon footprint caused by creating and shipping all those plastic bags and bottles. Plus, the reusable kind is much cuter. Am I right?


5)Bring reusable bags to the Farmer’s Market and other shops. Always forgetting your cloth bags? Keep several in your car as well as in your pantry. In addition to helping the environment, they are also so much more efficient in carrying your produce.  It’s a Win-Win. Pssst... The Fredericksburg Farmer's Market opens THIS WEEKEND!


6) Add plants for our pollinators. By know we’ve all heard that our bees and butterflies could use a little help. Certain plants may be more beneficial to our pollen loving friends than others. Here’s a handy list of plants that would make great pollinator-friendly additions to your gardens. Here's a fun infograpic on how to build a bee-friendly landscape.  The Great Sunflower Project is another great resource. No time like the present to bee-utify your yard!


7)Stop using pesticides and herbicides. While they make life a little easier gardening wise and cosmetically for our lawns, pesticides and herbicides can be detrimental to our local environment (see above about pollinators). Is someone eating your tomatoes? See if you can find a more natural remedy. It may take a little more legwork, but it will totally bee worth it.


8)Go paperless. I know, we’ve mentioned signing up for e-reminders in lieu of snail mail and paying bills electronically a million times before. It not only helps you stay organized and clutter free, it cuts down on a lot of paper waste.  Go paperless for your home, mind, and the Earth. Psst... you  sign up for our e-newsletter here.


9)Put a bat house in your backyard.  Did you know bats can eat 500-1,000 mosquitoes an hour and that certain species are great pollinators? Bats are an important part of our local ecosystem and are great for your garden. Help the little guys out by adding a bat house to your property. Besides, how cool would it be to say that you have The Bat Cave in the backyard?


10)Go on a family hike or walk and talk about the environment. Let the kids brainstorm ways they can help reduce the amount of trash they create. When making changes, it's always best to get the whole family on board. 



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