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The arrival of a new baby is SUCH an exciting time! There is nothing like the feeling of a sleeping newborn on your chest or the smell of a baby's head. Bliss! To celebrate, you want to give the new (or new again) mama something she'll love and use. These days, it can be hard to find a great gift. There are a million ways to parent and even more ways to get what you need delivered to your doorstep in 2-3 days. So...what do all new moms need that they can't just as easily order themselves? You may be surprised.


Top Ten Gifts For New Moms


1Healthy meals delivered in containers they don’t have to return. Pizza and wings are amazing, but after awhile you kind of want something with substance. Find out her favorite meals and see if you can make (or find a restaurant that makes) one. Let her know that by all means she has to keep/recycle the plasticware. The last thing you want to do is ask a new parent to wash and return something!


2A friend to hold their hand when they buy new clothes. Post-partum is difficult for many reasons: Hormones, physical recovery, hair loss, acne, and a brand spanking new body. Yes, your post-partum body is remarkably different from your pre-pregnancy body. The change can be shocking. Oftentimes, maternity clothes do not fit very well (if at all) weeks after the baby is born. Mom has to buy new, transitional clothes and that can be so hard. She'll need a friend to hold her hand as she learns what looks good on this new body and boost her confidence when she starts doubting how amazing she is. She is amazing, but in the post-partum fog sometimes you need a friend to help you see that.


3Diapers and wipes- Find out if she's cloth diapering or has preferences on disposables (unscented, biodegradable, etc.) first, and then go nuts. You can never go wrong with diapers. If you are close to the new mama, buying pads and Witch Hazel wipes would be amazing too.

A gift card for a haircut. Self care tends to go out the door when you have a new baby at home. Give her the gift of a fresh cut and a little "me" time.



A subscription to Netflix or Hulu.
It's hard to find something on TV at 1:00am while you're marathon feeding a baby. Might as well make it a marathon Gilmore Girl's night, too!



A friend to help with the laundry.
If your new mom friend is comfortable with it, offer to help fold and put away all the laundry. All of it. Laundry becomes crazy when you have to constantly stop to feed and change a baby who is constantly spitting up and pooping all over the place. Jump in there and lend a hand!


A chance to walk aimlessly around Target, alone, with Starbucks. No explanation needed.


The indulgence of her choice; sashimi, diet soda, wine… whatever she wants. 
Moms sacrifice so much and pregnancy magnifies that tenfold! After baby is born, give her the best of what she sacrificed over those long months. Just remember, this is a guilt-free gift! 


A solid nap. Take her phone, tablet, and computer and put her to bed! Let her sleep as long as she needs so she can face the day brighter and healthier. Sleep is necessary for her body to heal, her hormones to regulate, and her mind to decompress. If she's nursing, we suggest pumping a bit before laying down. Nothing says "I love you" like sleep. Nothing.


To be told, “You are doing this exactly the way your baby needs it done. You are amazing. I love you.” Over and over again. Even if this is baby number 4, moms with new babies need to hear this until they believe in their hearts that it's true.



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