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How prepared are you for when the snow falls and you and the kids are stuck at home all day? Sure, the freshly fallen snow makes everything look like a magical wonderland at first. After awhile, however, the bickering and whining starts. They get bored. You get bored. Turning to the TV is always an option, but who wants to stick their kids in front of the TV all day? To help combat the whining, we've complied a list of ten ways to keep the little ones busy when you're all stuck inside. We've even included a few ideas that require little to no supervision on your part. We know that you need your space, too! Especially if you need to work from home or need a serious breather!


Top Ten Ways To Keep Kids Busy On A Snow Day.


1 Play in the snow of course! - Go sledding, make snow angels, and have a snowball fight. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

2 Build forts- Pull out extra blankets and pillows and let your kids’ imaginations soar! P.S. This product would totally come in handy with fort making!

3Have toys set aside that the kids only get on snow days - That way it’s like they’re getting a whole bin of brand new toys to play with and explore. This works great if you are looking for a few minutes to shoot out an email or make a phone call.

4 Stream a movie your little ones haven’t seen- This is another way to get some work in or snag a few moments of alone time! Have the kids snuggle up in warm blankets and maybe pop some popcorn, and make hot chocolate.

5 Play with snow paint- Mix a few drops of food coloring and water in spray bottles (or ketchup bottles) and let your kids “paint” the snow.

6 Make a pizza in the shape of a snow man - We hear tortilla shells work just as well if you don’t have a pizza crust handy, and you don’t like making dough from scratch. Just sprinkle some shredded mozzarella cheese on top of pasta sauce and make a snowman face out of toppings. Don’t forget the pepperoni buttons!

7 Pick a project from our “Fun Crafts,” “Play and Playful Learning,” or “DIY” Pinterest boards and get creative!

8 Have a mini carwash- This is perfect for matchbox cars and trains! Throw towels on the floor and fill a large unbreakable roasting pan with a very little amount of water, and lots of bubbles (must supervise).

9 Upcycled art projects- Set out a few cardboard boxes, washable markers and crayons, stickers, pom poms, and glue. Let them go nuts.

10 Skype someone you love that you don’t get to see in person that often. No time like the present to say I love you and catch up.



How do you keep the kids entertained on snow days?

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