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Top Ten Tuesday: Super Easy, Fun, Inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day Activities

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We just finished celebrating Valentine’s Day. Now, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are right on our door step! While Easter will obviously get the spotlight, let’s not overlook St.Paddy’s Day. You don’t need to go all out, or even buy anything extra to make it memorable. So, put away the glue gun and the Michael’s coupons. We have 10 ideas that use things you probably already have around the house, and take very little effort.

Erin Go Bragh!

TTT St Paddys


1) Come to our Summer Camp Fair!- Lucky for us, our fair takes place on St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, we’re having a leprechaun trap contest judged by our friends at Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office, and shamrock scavenger hunt. Proceeds to benefit Camp Footprint.

2) Make a leprechaun trap- You know your little ones will love it and leprechaun traps seriously couldn’t be easier. Think of it as Elf On The Shelf without the creepy 24 hour surveillance thing. Plus, you only have to remember it once. First, get a container of sorts. Think: cereal box, Solo cup, shoe box, whatever. Have your kiddo really think out their plan for catching a leprechaun. If they are able, have them write the plan down and sketch it out. Next, help them gather their tools/supplies and get to work. Remember, this project is all on them to use what you have on hand. Seriously, there’s no need to hit up a craft store unless you want to. When the kiddos go to bed on St. Patrick’s Day Eve (is that a thing?), knock down the trap so it looks like a leprechaun got loose. If you want, leave behind gold-foil chocolate coins, pennies, gold dollars, or Rolos. Basically, something “gold.” Or don’t! There are no rules here, guys. Remember, if you set the expectation for awesome leprechaun leave-behinds, you’re going to feel obligated to do so every year.

3) Gold-foil chocolates or Rolos- As we just mentioned, these are always a hit. Even if you don’t want to make a trap, you can always sneak some gold-foil chocolates into your kid’s lunch bag or give them some as a treat when they get home from school.

4) Wear green- Easy-peasy and totally doable! If you’re feeling especially crafty, tie-dye some shirts or fun socks!

5) Add a few drops of green food coloring to whatever the heck you want! -Seriously, like anything. Think: toilet water to make it look like a leprechaun tinkled and didn’t flush, milk at breakfast, cookie dough, pancake batter, biscuit dough, anything!

6) Lucky Charms, y’all. Lucky Charms everywhere- Serve it for breakfast with a note that says, “I’m lucky you’re part of our family.” Put them in rice crispy treats, cookies, or pancakes. Pack them for a school snack... Just go nuts!

7) Handprint shamrocks - We love a good craft that’s easy, fast, and only requires two supplies. Three if you include baby wipes to quickly clean hands. How cute would these be with the phrase, “I’m lucky to have you in my family” written somewhere on there?

8) Make slow cooker corned beef cabbage- We snagged this recipe from Pinterest and it couldn’t be easier! Psst: Follow us for more Pinnable goodness.

9) Fried eggs in green peppers-  Easy, way healthier than pancakes, and delicious. Heck, we may make these on a weekly basis.

10) Parents: The party doesn’t stop when the kiddos go to bed. End the day with a Guinness and a cookie. Extra points if it’s green. You earned it!

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10 Ways To Hang With Other Moms Besides Group Chat

Are you a new mom trying to figure out how to do the friend thing outside of happy hour and coffee? Maybe you’re a veteran mom who's in a rut? One of the things we were never taught was how much harder it is to make and keep up with friends as an adult. Especially after kids. We're all tired, stressed and short on time. Never fear! We've rounded up 10 fun ways to connect with or find, your tribe of mamas.

 TTT mom squad

10 Ways To Hang With Other Moms Besides Group Chat


1) Do an errand you both do anyway, together- Hitting ALDI or running to Target for diapers? Text a friend and see if she wants to join you and knock it out together. Who doesn’t love a Target run?

2) Make one of those dang Pinterest things together- What’s something you’ve had pinned to your board since 2010? Go do that. Ask your friend to bring wine or coffee and you’ll take care of supplies. Bonus points if you gram the #PinterestFails.

3) Articles club- Many of us don’t have time for a book club. Just the thought alone is overwhelming. How about an articles club instead? This idea came from the awesome blog: A Cup Of Jo. In a nutshell, everyone reads the same article each month (or week). Then, you get together to discuss. It’s a small commitment with the same great benefits of friends, wine, and snacks.

4) Binge club- We’re talking shows here, not pizza (we don’t judge, though). It’s the same idea as the articles club. Pick a show to start together and meet up periodically to discuss or even watch. Though, the latter may be hard if it’s not a kid friendly show. If you haven't already seen them, we like Travelers, Stranger Things, Glitch, The 100, The Crown, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Get more binge-worthy show ideas here.

5) Take a fun gym class- You get a break from the kids, time with a friend, and you both get exercise. So much winning!

6) There’s always Chick-fil-A- You really can’t go wrong with Chick-fil-A. The food is great, the service is friendly and accommodating, and the kids can get their wiggles out while you catch up over waffle fries.

7) Game night- Have the girls over on a Saturday night and play something awesome together. We’re fans of Cards Against Humanity (not with little ears around), Codenames, Settlers of Catan, or card games like spades and rummy. While this sounds like a great playdate opportunity, we advise against bringing the kids. Game night is a sacred time to catch up with your mom squad. 

8) Take a class together- This is kind of the same idea as taking a gym class together, or even the Pinterest idea we mentioned before. Meet up for something simple like a paint and sip class, or more complex like multiple cooking classes.

9) Walk or hike- Now that the weather's warming up you have to GET OUTSIDE. Good friends, exercise and vitamin D. The perfect trifecta for a great day!

10) Invite them over for a playdate- Simply put: Don't be afraid to have people over. Your friends don't care how clean your house is or how big your laundry mountain is. They care about you and your kiddos. Make some coffee, play some music and have people over. 

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Pouches' Community Corner

2018 FredParents' Family Favorites

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You all voted and the results are in! Congratulations to all our 2018 winners!