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Special Needs

The Quantico Exceptional Family Member Program ((EFMP) supports more than 1200 people. The two major facets of the program address assignment coordination and family support.The base EFMP Program Manager Monique O'Neil said participants' range from minor children to adults.



A Continuum of Care

Authorized family members can include a spouse, child, stepchild, adopted child, foster child, or a dependent parent residing with the sponsor who may require special medical or educational services based upon a diagnosed disability.The program resources and services are available to help provide families with a continuum of care. Once registered, the family members are assigned to a specific category. That assignment helps determine what special services will be available to the family.

An example of the process can be seen with housing determinations. A category 4 assignment where a family member needs fully accessible living quarters would give the Marine priority placement for base housing. Quantico's staff of three caseworkers, one training/education outreach worker, and an administrative assistant are responsible for all registered Marine Corps families on base, all east coast Marine participants assigned to individual duty, and all Marine participants stationed in Europe.

According to O'Neil the EFMP has evolved into a comprehensive program since it's beginning in 1987. Department of Defense (DoD) regulations require all military personnel with a special needs family member to register. Not everyone that meets the requirement enrolls in the program. However, EFMP staff tries to ensure that service personnel are aware of the resources available through the program's educational activities.


Outreach programs

EFMP services also include an outreach program to help participants locate additional services in the community that may be needed by the family.The advocacy aspect allows the caseworkers to work one on one to assure that Marine families continue to have their special needs met in the best available manner.

"Once an service member is enrolled, we can intervene if necessary with the command or with their monitor when it comes to reassigning personnel," said O'Neil.

But the program manager said the advocacy aspect also allows the staff to serve as a first contact for the Marine's command if any special circumstance arises for the family.

The EFMP office on Quantico is located at 122 Neville Rd.  Staff can be reached via telephone at 571-931-0524. Details on the Marine Corps EFMP can be found at Navy personnel stationed on Quantico are covered under their command's EFMP.

The DoD program is standard across all military branches. Detailed EFMP information can be found at

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