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6 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Unused, Unnecessary, Useless Stuff

The first day of spring is just a few weeks away and after months of being holed up inside looking at all the stuff you’ve accumulated, the time has come to rid yourself of all that unused, unnecessary, useless stuff.

Confession: I have always been a pack rat. I have this mentality that stuff can be reused or repurposed. It is a horrible disease and my husband is mercifully trying to break me of this bad habit.


These are the steps I took to take back my space and, as a bonus, I even made some cash out of the chaos.

Step 1: Realize it is just stuff.

I came to the realization that just because I bought it didn’t mean I had to keep it.

Step 2: If you don’t love it or use it, then it is time to say goodbye to it.

Set aside time and use contractor-size garbage bags to divide and conquer items that can be donated, sold or trashed.

Step 3: Items you’ve deemed worthy to sell may bring in spring cash.

Set up a yard sale, gather stuff for consignment sales or sell on Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook seller sites, etc. Remember your unused, unnecessary, useless stuff may be someone else’s treasure!

Step 4: After a few days, choose where to donate the rest.

I donated to a local community center and Goodwill because I have known people who have personally benefitted from these organizations. Wherever you choose, know you are making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Step 5: Don’t hesitate; just throw it away.

This means the stuff that is broken, clothes from the 80s and memories that are yours but no one ever needs to know about must be trashed. If you must, take a picture and save that memory in a file on your computer.

Step 6: Relish in your accomplishments.

Organize and rearrange your newly found stuff. I found things that I had bought years ago that I had forgotten about and now can use in my new-found space.

For me, this process was very cathartic. I’m still in shock at how much stuff my family had accumulated over the years and how much unused, unnecessary, useless stuff was wreaking havoc in my home and in my mind. With my new-found spring cash, I’m looking forward to going out with my family and making new memories.

Nikki Ducas is a Fredericksburg mom teaching her two young sons financial responsibility with the less is more mindset.

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