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As a busy mom of two boys who are full of vigor and verbosity, quiet time without interruption to talk only with my husband is crucial for our unity and my sanity.

A veteran mom and my mentor shows her support by telling me all the time that, “it’s so important to spend time alone together” and that it’s “good for you to focus on one another.” We don’t budget for a weekly date night out, but we do get out whenever the grandparents can take the kids for a few hours or overnight. In the meantime, we take time for each other in the comfort of our home.

What we do...

We set aside Saturday night as what we have penned as “Date Night In.” We spend a little more on our dinner in than we would normally, but spend a whole lot less than we would if we went out to a restaurant and hired a sitter.

The kiddos get to eat SpaghettiOs in front of the TV and are put to bed earlier than usual. They have come to know that Saturday night is mommy and daddy time. My in-laws used this method when my husband and his sisters were young, and we’ve continued the tradition with our children.

We make martinis and talk, then we cook sushi, steaks or fondue together, and open a bottle of good wine to make the evening that much more special.

This time carved out of an arduous week is just for us. It allows us to relax and enjoy each other’s company without the rigor of a busy restaurant or having to worry about driving after enjoying wine with dinner.

If exhaustion hasn’t set in after a long week and a full day of kids’ sports, we’ll even watch a movie on Netflix.

At the end of a long day, there is something about a quiet house and adult-only conversation that makes the world a bit more satiable. It’s truly a wonderful feeling to be content.

Nikki Ducas is a Fredericksburg mom teaching her two young sons financial responsibility with the less is more mindset.

From our Facebook page:

What are your go-to date night ideas?

Lisa H.
Anywhere we can walk! We also like to bargain shop, so we’ve got all the local happy hours dialed. Our favorite (happy hour or not) is Spencer Devon.

Kybecca is lovely for both food and drinks. We like Fahrenheit’s happy hour. Foode has such delicious dinners and good deals on bottles of wine. Sedona is always fun ($6 steak night rocks!). You really can’t go wrong downtown. We love that it’s all so close, but even just walking a few blocks away feels like a true date.


Ashley H.
Movie and dinner (even though most times it's Redbox or Netflix). But now with [a] newborn, a nap date sounds kinda nice.


Jessica F.
We usually have to stay home with the kids, so after they go to bed, it’s Netflix with popcorn and snacks... and no cooking or making a mess with dinner. We get to-go food and take turns on where we get it.

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