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So, what are your plans to make 2012 a great year in your best life-full of favorite things? No, I've not been reading too much OPRAH Magazine; I gave up my subscription quite awhile ago, actually. But it is a new year and so I naturally start to think of growth and change and, you know, all that feel-good Oprah stuff.

The problem is I have never been good at making New Year's resolutions. I don't remember ever making a list, let alone sticking to it. I don't even recall making one good solid resolution, keeping up with it for awhile, only to gradually fall off the wagon. I guess I'm just not a resolutions kind of gal. I have kids and at ages six and nine, they are old enough to know about New Year's resolutions and maybe even to make a few of their own. Perhaps it is time for me to step up to the plate and attempt to be a Good Example. In an effort to at least try, once more, this whole resolutions thing, I decided to pose the issue to Katherine and Robert a couple of days ago:

The setting: that sweet few moments before bedtime. Robert is rosy and clean after a shower, snug in his flannel jammies. I perch on the side of his bed with a cheery glint in my eye, "Robert, honey what do you know about New Year's Resolutions?" Puzzled, he asks, "What are new year's rego-lutions?" After a bit of explaining from me, Robert grasps that an example would be "To behave better," and decides that will be his resolution. I'll take that.

Next, I move down the hall to Katherine's room. She's absorbed in a "Royal Diaries" book and will barely meet my eyes. Eventually, I manage to engage her when I ask her what suggestions she might have for me. Interest piqued, she peers up at me from behind the cover of her book. "You should try being a vegetarian," she suggests. Ah, nothing like the zeal of the newly converted, one-month vegetarian daughter! Well, I do like that idea...the problem is I like meat, too. I hedge, "I don't eat meat that often!" but she is undeterred and continues, "My resolution is to not eat a single scrap of meat next year, not even at holidays, and to come in first on some of my runs."

I slink off to the bathroom to begin my own bedtime preparations. As I regard my reflection in the mirror I cannot escape the realization that my kids are already better people than I'll probably ever be. I guess there's only one possible resolution for me to make then: I resolve to (try) to be the best mom I can be; the mom they deserve. I think if we all make that choice we'll be headed in the right direction for 2012. Happy New Year, all, good night, and good luck!

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Pouches Visits the Past


If Pouches' experience at History Camp is any indication, your son or daughter will enjoy joining Washington Heritage Museums and the George Washington Foundation for History Camp in Fredericksburg. The week-long day camp will be held June 25-29, from 9:00 a.m. to noon each day.

Young historians discover American history with hands-on experiences as they walk in the footsteps where the history of Fredericksburg, and a budding America, was created. The camp complements the history taught in classrooms with activities such as soap making, code breaking, colonial crafts, penmanship and much more.