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Review: Dispatch Kids from Breakout Games


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If your family is anything like mine, you are always looking for a new game to try. One that doesn’t have them glued to a screen. Enter: Dispatch Kids from the makers of Breakout Games.

It’s a genius idea, really. Dispatch Kids is a subscription service for games! You get one delivered right to your door, every month. These games are perfect for kids ages 3-5. I will say, my 7 year old son loved it too, even though it wasn’t exactly a challenge. It was still loads of fun for him to see how the mystery played out! Plus, what kid doesn’t love a box reveal? The games are design-your-own- adventure style where kids use clues to try and solve a complex problem.

According to Dispatch Kids, “Each box is packed with problem-solving activities that your child can work on through the month, that build their core competency in the skills that they will be tested on in the earliest grades. From early numeracy and literacy, to social, emotional, and motor skills, this game builds critical skills for foundational learning while earning prizes, interacting with digital components and enjoying everyday play.” Love that!

In our game, a little boy named Johnny lost his coin. It’s up to you to help find it! My kids colored a picture to reveal a clue, used a map and flash cards, and worked with each other to find the coin. What parent doesn't love cooperative play? Their absolute favorite part was calling Johnny on the phone for a clue. To be honest, I’m not even sure my kids even knew that my texting/youtube machine did that.

If I’m being fully transparent, and you know I always strive to be, I was a little confused by the directions when we first started the game. I had to read them to myself a few times and my kids basically unraveled with anticipation. It could have just been me and my under-caffeinated self, but I do suggest reading the directions thoroughly BEFORE introducing the game to your kids. There is also an element to the game where you jump online to get a clue. The webpage didn’t work well on my iPhone 7. I suggest using an actual computer for that part.

All in all, it’s an exciting, fun game that my kids are still talking about! Highly recommend!


In fact, if you’d like to give it a go (you totally should!) Dispatch Kids Games gave us a Promocode to share with you guys! Use: DKids15 for 15% off of the first box of the series. After that, normal charges apply. Enjoy and please tag us in your pics!

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