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This year’s Family Favorites winner for “Favorite Martial Arts Center” is Master Y.J. Kim’s Martial Arts Center.

We love the variety of classes for all ages, plus they offer after-school care. It’s obvious that Master YJ Kim’s understands family logistics are increasingly difficult to manage. The after-school care is flexible and includes transportation from your child’s elementary school. They also have weekend and family classes.

The family class makes Master Y.J. Kim’s Martial Arts Center stand out. It allows families to learn together and cheer each other on. When families can be active together it’s a win in our book!

If you’re curious about Taekwondo, but are unsure if it’s a good fit for you or your child, Master Y.J. Kim’s Martial Arts Center offers two weeks of classes plus a free uniform for $19.95.

Facebook: @masteryjkim

YJ Kim

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Healing PTSD can be a challenge for veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam. In Fredericksburg, Lance Sharp, Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for Team River Runner, has launched a local chapter of Team River Runner to make water sports on Fredericksburg’s beautiful Rappahannock River and nearby lakes available to anyone with a visible or invisible injury.