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Master YJ Kim logoFrom April 23-27, Master YJ Kim's Martial Arts Center in Spotsylvania hosted the Extreme Team Lexma from South Korea. For many of the young men it was their first time visiting the United States. Extreme Team Lexma shared their knowledge and skill and conducted different seminars for the Master YJ Kim students.

On Tuesday April 24th, Extreme Team Lexma put on a performance of their skills for the general public. Master Kim was joined at his honorary table by special guest Spotsylvania County Sheriff Roger Harris who was accompanied by 1st Sergeant Shaun Jones and Sergeant Peter O'Brien.

The performances by these young men involved skills of form, weapons, and board breaking. Children and adults alike were in awe of the height, speed, and techniques done with such skill.

At the close of performance, Master Kim invited Sheriff Harris to join him on the floor to show his skill in board breaking. Sheriff Harris passed his test with great energy and power. Master Kim then presented Sheriff Harris with his third (3rd) Degree Black Belt, Dobok (uniform), and certification. Sheriff Harris thanked Master Kim and Extreme Team Lexma for such a memorable evening.

lexmaOn Wednesday April 25th, Master Kim had another honorary special guest, 9th Degree Black Belt Grand Master Choi, President of the U.S. Taekwondo and Martial Arts Grandmaster Federation. Extreme Team Lexma was humbled to meet and perform for Grandmaster Choi who is an important foundation for Taekwondo and its growth throughout the world.

During Extreme Team Lexma’s visit, Master YJ Kim also taught Taekwondo and introduced the team to the students of Courtland Elementary School. The students and faculty alike joined in the energetic performance.

Extreme Team Lexma had a great time with the students and will hopefully visit Master YJ Kim’s Martial Arts Center again soon.

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