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spring when the world is mud-

--e.e. Cummings

letter readers aprilThis year it's finally going to come true: I am going to have a successful vegetable garden. I know this will happen because last fall, I paid for a share of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which means the fam is going to get a bag full of veggies every week from May through September. Murphy's Law being what it is, my garden, knowing that I don't need its products, will go gangbusters.

I could avoid the predicted duplication of efforts and up-to-my-ears-in-greens by not planting anything. No seeds in the ground, no plants to harvest. This would be the perfect year to take a break because, you know, those CSA bags will be bulging with goodness. But how can I resist the beautiful seed packets I see everywhere? Short answer: I can't. Somehow a half dozen found their way into my Wegman's cart yesterday.

I guess I'm also inspired because April is the month that Fred Parent is devoting to healthy families. What is healthier than growing your own veggies? My daughter loves to grab pea pods off the vine while waiting for the bus. My son exclaims over every lettuce seedling and is game to help me dig in the mud and dirt. Now that he is almost 10, he is pretty helpful!

You can get quite a workout in the garden, which also fits in with the healthy family theme. First, do some squats while gathering up the twigs, sticks and leaves that winter left behind. Then, work up a sweat with a shovel as you "turn the soil." (This is in quotes because I've never actually done it, but writing the phrase makes me sound like a pro gardener. This is far from the truth, and may be why I've never had a very successful garden.)

But like I said, 2015 is the year; I've got my seeds, my trowel and my son and I can't wait to get started! May all of you have a happy, healthy and fruitful month as well!

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Trains, Planes and Automobiles Kids' Race Series


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Great Train Race Director Jennifer Taylor was one of the first on board.