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One Team, One Dream, One Family

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This month Pouches poked her head into an exciting new program for teens interested in law enforcement.

The long running Spotsylvania Sheriff’s cadet program has reorganized as a Boy Scout Explorer troop, said Sgt. Blackington, who took over the program in February 2017.

“We’ve reworked the program to attract a fresh group of applicants,” said Blackington. “The Boy Scouts of America Explorer program is really neat. Not only is it a nationally recognized program that carries a lot of weight on a resume, but the program is directed by the teenagers and young adults themselves, instead of being solely an adult-directed program. They run their own Explorer Post.”

Why are You a Member?

“I’ve always wanted to be a cop”

“I want to help out in the community.”

“I wanted to get out of my shyness and explore new opportunities.”

“I like coming to the meetings; we all talk as friends and family.”

Troop-Supported Events

Blue Christmas
National Night Out
Autism Awareness
Stars and Stripes
Trunk N Treat

The trips, activities and scholarships available through the Boy Scout of America program are another draw.

“We are planning a mini-police week August 7 through 11,” said Blackington. “We will have a K-9 demonstration, a crisis negotiation class and a patrol work lecture.”

The current 12 troop members are enthusiastic about the mission of the program, according to Pouches, who attended their July 11 troop meeting.

“Some of the main things this program is about besides law enforcement is treating everyone with respect. We as an Explorer Post created a motto (One Team, One Dream, One Family) and we follow that to the T. We work as a team to accomplish our dreams as a family. If one member falls we all fall. It’s a brotherhood, just like the department we fall under,” said Blackington.

“We are looking for 14 and 15 year olds who are interested in learning about law enforcement. We would like to start them at an early age and have them stay through 21. Four or five Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s [Department] deputies started out in the earlier cadet program, and we would like to keep encouraging and training potential future deputies.” The program teaches responding to crashes; executing traffic stops, building searches, hand cuffing and learning CPR/First Aid.

If your 14- to 21-year-old is interested in joining, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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