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Pouches is ready to kayak on the beautiful Rappahannock River. She’s also ready to learn more about how she can protect the river’s health using the Friends of the Rappahannock new River Report Card, sponsored by a surprise grant from the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region (CFRRR)

The CFRRR voted unanimously to award its first Visionary Grant in the category of Environment to Friends of the Rappahannock to create a River Report Card – an information and awareness tool that will deliver highly accessible local data about the state of the Rappahannock.

The foundation’s review committee selected Friends of the Rappahannock because its River Report Card has the potential to influence the quality of life in our region in the near future and for generations to come. The nonprofit’s staff demonstrates excellent expertise in their field and is equipped to support citizens who wish to take action for clean water.

“If I could sum it up in a few words, it’s a culture of clean water. I want people to recognize we have this incredible resource and we have to take care of it!” said Kathy Harrigan, Friends of the Rappahannock Executive Director.
Going forward, The Community Foundation will award grants to three more nonprofits in the categories of Arts, Human Services and Education.

- See more at: http://www.cfrrr.org/about-us-and-our-initiatives/news-events/breaking-news-the-community-foundation-awards-surprise-20000-grant-to-frien

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