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Pouches' Community Corner

It often feels as if everyone wants a piece of us—our time, our talents and our money. In this age of social media, the needs that exist not just locally, but globally, impact us every time we scroll through our newsfeeds. So how do we decide where to best dedicate our time?

The success of last month’s Community Give indicates that our community is filled with thousands who are generous and have the desire to support and help others. It is one of my favorite days of the year. I love watching the numbers go up and up.

Throughout the day, I reflected on the programs and organizations that I choose to dedicate time to. I remembered the last PTO meeting I attended at my youngest son’s elementary school. The dedicated parents there took time out of their busy days to sit around a small table in the library and discuss fundraising efforts, plans for showing appreciation to the teachers, and how best to allocate what little funds there were available to meet the expected needs of the school community. Note that I said a small table. I felt the guilt as I sat there next to other parents who make that monthly commitment to support our school and its children. I could not help but wonder where all the other parents were?

Research has shown over and again that involvement in your children’s school matters. It not only benefits the school, but more importantly it benefits your child. If you care, so will they.

Enjoy your summer break and next school year, consider joining your school PTO. Your child will thank you!

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