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FredXchange, a non-profit organization that’s about to have its third birthday (March!), is focused on fostering an “entrepreneurial ecosystem” in the Fredericksburg region.  While Fredericksburg isn’t likely to turn into Silicon Valley or Boston or San Francisco anytime soon, FredX wants to keep some of those 55,000 high-technology employees locally each day – because right now they’re all commuting up to NoVA and DC.  We’ve got terrific technology talent in the region – and these are the folks who can dream up and build the next … Twitter, Facebook, Zappos, GoPro, and other highly successful, scalable companies.  This will bring more high-paying jobs to the region – and keep many of our folks closer to home and off I-95.  Better quality of life, anyone?

FredXchange has recently opened The Foundry to bring these types of folks together. The Foundry offers low-cost, shared office space for individuals and small companies looking to connect and collaborate. Centrally located in Fredericksburg less than one minute from I-95, The Foundry offers comfortable seating, a coffee station, high-speed internet, a conference room and a friendly atmosphere. Oh, did we mention that there’s plenty of free parking, too?

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Pouches attends a blogging presentation at The Foundry

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FredX looks forward to forging the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups in the Fredericksburg region. Stop and think… the greatest startup in the world was founded in Fredericksburg. Yes, the founding fathers of our country gathered in taverns and offices and homes to innovate on government. From this collective energy, the United States of America was launched. At FredXchange’s “clubhouse”­ — The Foundry — we’re hosting the next evolution of business in the region. Come be a part of our community!

To receive more information as it is available, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll keep you posted! 

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