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Pouches' Community Corner

Share a bit about Fredericksburg Area Service League and the Junior Cotillion program.

Fredericksburg Area Service League (FASL) is an organization of women committed to enriching the lives of children in the Fredericksburg area.
In our 20 plus year history, we have donated over $650,000 and volunteered thousands of hours with various local organizations including Spotsylvania Head Start, Bragg Hill Family Life Center, and Rappahannock Big Brothers Big Sisters. With the continued support from volunteers and growing recognition in the community we are able to support a variety of projects and organizations, which directly impact the lives of local children.

The Junior Cotillion program is one of our unique fundraisers. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall, Junior Cotillion is social dance and etiquette classes for middle school students. Junior Cotillion focuses on building confidence and preparing children for success by teaching practical etiquette for everyday situations. Our interactive instruction includes useful guidelines for engaging and continuing in polite conservations, introductions, phone and internet manners and safety, and table manners.

Why was the Fredericksburg Area Service League created?

FASL was formed in 1993 by a group of women interested in promoting volunteerism. Our founding members recognized the need in our community for a large organization of volunteers who were ready and able to develop and staff programs focused on children. They also saw the need to fundraise for organizations in the Fredericksburg area that benefited children.

How large is the FASL?

We currently have over 60 active members and are always looking for new members to join our organization. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of area children, please visit our website, or contact Andi Sipp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tell us more about Junior Cotillion program.

Junior Cotillion is a wonderful program designed to address twenty-first century manners. Etiquette today isn't all about using the correct fork at a dinner party, but being comfortable in a variety of situations. Junior Cotillion sets children up for success in life by teaching them how to interact in public. We practice proper introductions, how to engage and continue in conversation with new acquaintances, and discuss internet decorum in regards to social media. The dance instruction by Michael and Melissa Scott (owners of Strictly Ballroom), helps children become comfortable interacting with the opposite sex, how to lead and follow and of course partner dancing.

Why should I register my child for Junior Cotillion?

Our Junior Cotillion program reinforces all the manners and etiquette parents are already encouraging at home, and engages the students in an interactive environment with their peers. Everyone participates in role playing to practice the skills being taught in small groups. Our program builds confidence and teaches practical manners.

When and where is Junior Cotillion?

Junior Cotillion begins in September and classes meet once a month through January 2016. All of our classes are held at Strictly Ballroom in Fredericksburg and are on Sunday afternoons from 4-6pm. The final event in January is our Dinner Dance which combines all the skills practiced and learned throughout Junior Cotillion with partner dancing in a super fun evening at the Fredericksburg Country Club.

How do you register for Junior Cotillion?

Registration is open for the 2015-2016 season. You can register online by visiting our website ( or by contacting Kate Crowder at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The fee for the six classes is $225 plus a $35 registration fee. All the proceeds from Junior Cotillion are used to support organizations in the Fredericksburg area such as Hospice Support Care/Camp Rainbow, Spotsylvania County Schools Head Start, and the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank.

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