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Fredericksburg ( January 23, 2019 ) – Rappahannock United Way’s ALICE Emergency Assistance Fund has provided emergency financial assistance for hard working households for many years and could also be a resource for those affected by the government shutdown; not just federal workers.


The ALICE Emergency Assistance Fund


In order to best assist hard working households, Rappahannock United Way created The ALICE Emergency Assistance Fund. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to cover the cost of basic needs of housing and transportation (if required for employment) for households by providing one-time assistance to eligible applicants. Financial assistance should be provided with the intent of assisting households to overcome financial crisis, prevent homelessness, and stabilize housing (rent/mortgage/deposit/car repair).

“We have helped many families over the years,” – Janel S Donohue, President of Rappahannock United Way said “Covering mortgage and rent payments to those who have experienced a job loss or other life event like illness or divorce. Also car repairs to help individuals continue to go to work. Keeping a roof over people’s heads and maintaining their ability to work and provide for their families.”

United Way staff is including financial hardships created by the government shutdown to the long list of ‘life events’ that can have a negative impact on a household’s financial stability.

ALICE households earn more than the official US Poverty Level but less than the basic cost of living including housing, childcare, healthcare and transportation. ALICE households are not typically eligible for financial assistance and other community resources. Some households become ALICE due to an unforeseen life event; a life-altering health diagnosis, a job loss, a substantial loss of income due to a government shutdown, or family crisis such as divorce or a death.


Who is ALICE?


United Way recognized years ago that there is an often overlooked section of our population that needs assistance. This group has been given the acronym, ALICE®, which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. These are our families, neighbors, and colleagues (men and women) who work hard, earn above the federal poverty level, but not enough to afford a basic household budget.


Give Help – If you would like to support United Way’s assistance to working families you can make a donation to the Emergency Assistance Fund.

Website : 

Text: RUWcares To: 41444

Call: (540) 373-0041 x 300

Get Help - In addition to the Emergency Assistance Fund, we offer free tax preparation, free financial coaching, and more. If you are in need of assistance, please call (540) 373-0041 x 300 or visit: 

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