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The Community Give 2016 Was an Event Like No Other

– In More Than One Way!


FREDERICKSBURG, VA (date) – The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region offers our sincere thanks to each individual, organization and business that took part in The Community Give 2016. Thank you for your generosity. Together, in one event, our community gave over 9,500 gifts totaling more than $1.1 million to 182 local nonprofits! We are especially grateful to our generous sponsors listed below. Each of them represents philanthropic community partnership. Join us in supporting their local businesses. 


The Community Give 2016 was an event like no other – in more than one way!  


Approximately 10 hours into the event, the national giving day platform hosted by Kimbia, crashed across the nation. Giving days all over the country from Pittsburg to Seattle were halted due to the online challenges.


Despite these obstacles, our community came together with resilience, creativity and generosity. While other communities were forced to cancel their giving days, we were able to persevere and surpass our $1 million regional giving goal.


After securing assurance that there was no risk of an Internet security breach, The Community Foundation board, staff and incredible volunteers jumped into action to mitigate the local effects of the national outage.


·       We communicated with the public and nonprofit leaders via email, social media, press and radio to get the word out.

·       We directed local donors to bring gifts of cash or checks to 14 local Union Bank locations and to our downtown office Donation Station. 

·       We set up a phone bank to take credit card information that staff, board and volunteers could enter on the donor's behalf when connectivity was restored.

·       Referring to our contingency plan, we extended the event another 12 hours, providing more chances to give.

·       We added new “Patience Prizes” and “Golden Glitch Tickets”, and restructured the impacted prize opportunities to maintain competition fairness for the nonprofits.


Our extensive preparation before the event coached nonprofits on essential skills like protecting donor relationships, mitigating challenges to giving, and even crisis communications – and we saw these skills used to the fullest during The Community Give. 

The Community Foundation is committed to verifying all gift data before closing event transactions. We are accessible by phone at 540 373-9292 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for any donor who would like gift verification.


Our goal is to award the remaining prizes this week. We understand the importance of verifying the data and are dedicated to responding timely, yet responsibly.  

While many donors and nonprofits felt the frustrations of the national Kimbia server failure, many stories of success were shared with us. Nonprofits who doubled their goal, met new donors who cared about their work and community members who gave for the first time in their lives! We surpassed our regional goal – we made it a million – but for this event success is not measured in dollars but in acts of determination, agility, grace and generosity. 


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