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Super Bowl Media Week and the
Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team


An invitation to Super Bowl Media week is the business equivalent of being in the Super Bowl! 1The event is literally seen and heard around the world with 30 sec commercials during the game costing as much as 1.5 million dollars to air. So how did Reality Realty Professionals, get a ticket? One word, SERVICE! By serving our communities heroes with a goal of educating, empowering and protecting the men and women who protect and serve us.

Reality Realty Virginia Heroes supported the Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team earlier in the year, at an event held in Alexandria VA between the WWAFT and the Washington Redskins and other NFL Alumni, to raise awareness, money and help spread the teams message of, "Perseverance isn't a goal; it's a way of life". This led to the co-founder of the WWFAT team, Carl Ey, to ask Reality Realty Professionals if they wanted to go to the Super Bowl and support the Warrior Amputee's during media week. It was amazing to be part of the event in Alexandria, but this invitation was hard to believe! This trip included going to New Jersey in support of the team, be part of Radio Row to spread the word about Reality Realty Virginia Heroes, the #1 Homes For Heroes affiliate in the region and support the Wounded Warrior Amputee Football team in a game against 9/11 First Responders and NFL greats. The Reality Realty team moved mountains to participate!

There is no parent on the planet that does not feel for his or her child for life and to see their babies come home wounded, it's something they never get used to. They do all they can to help2 them achieve a sense of normalcy. Along the way they realize that becoming physically whole through prosthetics and the like will never really make them "whole". Its not about the limb its about the heart and coming to terms with questions like, "Why was I spared? Why were my brothers not? What is my purpose?"These haunting questions and dealing with the physical limitations is a roller coaster ride that few can imagine and less could endure.


"Whole", in this sense has to do with self worth, self-respect, self-confidence, independence, mobility, acceptance from society, and doing what they were born to do on the level they could before. You see "whole" is achieved in the soul not the limb. It's the spiritual not the physical that gets ourWarriors back on their feet. It's their heart, their determination and their tenacity that enables them to go on and inspires all to new heights as their actions help a world deal with difficult life questions!

This Wounded Warrior Amputee Football game is about the sacrifice made for a nation, the price paid by the individual, and the dedication to supporting those who served. Its through these that parents, communities and a nation get to see these service members "Whole" again. When our Warriors take the field with the Super Bowl as the back drop it will not only help to raise money and awareness, it will raise the spirits of all those who sacrificed, and bring a nation one step closer to being "whole".

We cannot comment enough on the respect, grace, and genuine gratitude shown by; McConkey, Klecko and Bleier; will be NFL Hall-of-Famers Jack Youngblood and Anthony Munoz; Green Bay Packer legend Jerry Kramer; former NY Giant Jim Burt and Bill Ard; Philadelphia Eagle's Special Teams Captain Vince Papale, who inspired the story for the movie Invincible; ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck; former Dolphin's kicker Garo Yepremian; USNA and former Navy Seal Clint Bruce; COL Greg Gadson, who helped inspire the NY Giants to two Super Bowl victories; more than 30 other former Giants, Jets and NFL stars; ESPN broadcaster Kenny Mayne; retired baseball star Darryl Strawberry and WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley. All of these greats shared the opinion that these Wounded Warriors and First Responders were the "Real" American Heroes.

The next day after the game, was our day in the Super Bowl Media Center for Radio Row. Sam 3Cachola and former NFL Linebacker Chad Brown (Seahawks, Steelers, and Patriots), whose father is a Marine and mother an Educator, went from radio station to radio station helping spread the word about Reality Realty, Homes For Heroes and our Warriors.

Chad and Sam again stressed the point that the real heroes are our Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Educators, Medical Professionals, and Clergy who invest their lives in our  communities.

The Super Bowl Media week event was truly amazing, but not for the football, but to see our warriors and 9/11 responders honored by these NFL Legends and others and to see these Wounded Warriors take another step, on a very large stage, in becoming "Whole" again.


Visit or call 1-866-974-4376 to learn more.

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