Family Favorites 1st Place Winner FAQ

Congratulations! You are a 2022 FredParent Family Favorite 1st Place winner. Please let FredParent know how we can assist along the way leading up to the July magazine reveal/announcement.

Here are a few FredParent Family Favorites FAQ’s to help you prepare for the July magazine:


When do I need to submit my ad and what kind of picture should I send?

FredParent asks that you submit your ad on or before Friday, May 13, along with your picture and 25-30 word description. FredParent suggests a picture of your building or one with your team/staff.


Do you have my picture and write-up from last year? I would like to use the same one.

If you are a repeat Winner in your category, it is very likely that FredParent has your write-up and photo on file. Just let us know via email if you intend to use last year’s photo and write-up.


Does FredParent offer ad design help?

Yes, FredParent is happy to assist with your ad design. If this is a service that you would like to utilize, we ask that you let us know by Tuesday, May 10.


How do I get the Family Favorite Winner logo into my ad?

If you would like to have the Family Favorite Winner logo inserted into your ad, just let us know and FredParent’s team will make it happen.


How do I get a copy of the July magazine?

Any business that secures a Family Favorites advertisement will be guaranteed a reserved copy of the July magazine. The pricing below is exclusive to Family Favorite nominees.

  • Quarter page ads for $499 (8.12 W x 2.3 H)
  • Half page ads or $699 (8.12 W x 5 H)
  • Full page ads for $999 (8.12 W x 10.3 H)


Where can I find an example of a past FredParent Family Favorite magazine?

You can check out FredParent’s 2021 Family Favorites magazine right here, July 2021 (


Is payment for my advertisement due in May?

Typically, payment is due in May. However, FredParent can work with you on a payment plan, if requested.


What are the NEW WINNER AWARD packages about?

FredParent wanted to offer extreme value to each of our Winners that invests in a 2022 Family Favorites Awards package. Our team appreciates your feedback and we have responded with several brand-new offerings.  Award packages are custom designed to fit your needs and can include a commemorative plaque, customized digitally-designed poster announcing your win, special winner discounts, and more!  Being a Family Favorite Winner is serious business and you deserve to be recognized! Once again, congratulations!