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pageantOur February Cover Kid, 10 year old Matija Tomas, is very excited to be named the 2009 National Junior Miss All American Ambassador to the All American Girl and Boy Pageant.  She was also crowned the 2009 Virginia State Junior Miss last year.  Matija has thoroughly enjoyed participating in the pageant for the past three years.  While competing at both the state and national levels, she has won awards that include talent, beauty, model, and photogenic.  She has been featured in the 2009 Supermodels Unlimited magazine on the Cover Model Finalist pages in the April/May, June/July and September/October issues. In 2010, she will be co-hosting at the Virginia State All American Girl and Boy Pageant

Matija's most recent Ambassador crowning was appointed by Tricia Hoffman, Executive Director of the pageant.  The All American Ambassador is selected based on the contestant who will best represent the pageant system.  She is an all-around girl who has the personality, confidence, kindness and self-esteem to be a spokesperson for the pageant.  The Ambassador is someone that other girls her age can look up to and admire.  She is a young lady who will be the voice of the pageant to others her age, and will use her title to spread good will.

Matija feels blessed with this opportunity and would like to use her title as a child protection advocate.  She would like to become an activist to help protect the rights of children and to bring awareness to this very important issue.

The All American Girl Beauty Pageant, Inc. was incorporated in 1985 and will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2010. The primary purpose of this pageant system has always been to help build confidence and poise in children.  The pageant contestants have the option of showcasing their talent, polishing up their public speaking techniques and working the runway with their modeling skills.  They also have the opportunity to win savings bonds and modeling contracts.  Many of the pageant contestants have gone on to work in major motion pictures and Broadway shows as well as TV commercials.  You can obtain more information about pageant events at



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