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Heidi DiEugenio (President, HD Solutions) is, at her core, passionate about connecting busy families with great resources to make their lives easier, healthier and all-around more fulfilling. Heidi has spearheaded many programs for FPF helping local families feel more connected with the community. Prior to her time with FredParent, Heidi was the founding Executive Director for Blue Star Families, a non-profit organization created to support, empower and connect military families. Her background also includes eight years in roles as a Shopping Center Marketing Director in California, Maryland, Virginia and Hawaii, and 13 years as a small business owner with Barefoot Moments Custom Photography. In her personal life, Heidi and her husband Dave stay busy with their active sons aged 14 and 10 with the typical school, sports and extra-curricular activities, and they enjoy making time to run, hike, surf, ski and travel as much as life allows.