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Postpartum Depression: A Conversation with Local Bridezilla, Verdi Jones

In 2019, Veronica “Verdi” Jones was living the dream. She married her high school sweetheart, and the entire occasion—from the planning, right up to...

Dr. Angela Tsai Robson, O.D. and Associates—Premier Eyecare

Premier Eyecare in Fredericksburg is the one-stop-shop for all vision needs. With comprehensive services, quality care and a stock of lenses and frames, Drs....

A Busy Weekend

There was lots of dadding going down in Fredericksburg this last weekend. I went all over the area, doing stuff with my son, my...

Rappahannock Area YMCA: Make It a Summer to Remember

The Rappahannock Area YMCA is pulling out all the stops to make sure the summer of 2022 is about being active, making friends and...

ASK MOM: Divorce makes daughter angry, mom gets the blame

Divorce makes daughter angry, mom gets the blame by Mary Follin and Erika Guerrero THE PROBLEM: My (14 yo) daughter blames me for divorcing her father....