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10 Self Care Products to Ease Your Mind, Body & Soul

Self-care isn’t all bubble baths and manicures—and it’s not just for the ladies! Successfully developing a self-care regimen is a physical, emotional and mental...

Outdoor Learning Benefits Students of All Ages

Ask the Expert Fredericksburg Academy Unstructured outdoor play is becoming a rarity in American childhood, with a series of studies finding in recent years that today’s...

Unpleasant Cashless Situation Leads to Financial Responsibility

My 12-year-old son recently told me that he couldn’t buy any food at the FredNats game he went to with his youth group. The...

FredParent Wins 5 PMA Awards

                  Fredericksburg Parent & Family won five awards at the 2021 PMA Design, Editorial & General Excellence Awards on November 15, 2022. Judged by the University...

ASK MOM: Daughter Snubs Old Friends to Hang Out with ‘Cool’ Ones

Daughter Snubs Old Friends to Hang Out with 'Cool' Ones by Mary Follin and Erika Guerrero THE PROBLEM: Lately I’ve been alarmed at my daughter’s behavior toward...