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Artificial Dad-telligence

The world is full of technology. And our technology is getting smarter every day. Some of it is smart enough to drive cars, to...

ASK MOM: Am I raising a video game addict?

THE PROBLEM: I’m afraid my son is addicted to video games. He’s twelve, and he’s a sweet boy, but he only seems to be...

Government Island

Looking for a great place to hike, explore history and spend some time with the family, including the furry, four-legged variety? Stafford County’s Government...

Do You Unknowingly Use This Potentially Harmful Parenting Technique?

June 13, 2022—Preaching the dangers of the world to your children could have negative consequences, reports The Journal of Positive Psychology. Psychologist Jeremy Clifton says...

5 Fantastic Outdoor Adventures In and Around Fredericksburg

Sunny skies and warmer temperatures mean it’s time for less screentime and more green time. And not just for the kids! Summer is the...