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Navigating the Family

Kid Stations: The One Tool You Need for Surviving Extended Time at Home

By Sandi Haustein   When you're spending hours at home, whether it's by choice or because of the Coronavirus, it doesn't take long for kids to...

Everyday Leadership

by Dianna Flett I often ask the girls at the start of a series of Girl Smarts® workshops: “How many of you want to be leaders?” Many...


by Dianna Flett We are all feeling the uncertainty of the times right now. It can be quite overwhelming and part of our challenge as...

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Fredericksburg Academy: Up, Up and Away

School's trong foundation helped alumni soar in 2021 Every facet of a Fredericksburg Academy education is carefully crafted to prepare students for a life of...

RACSB: Many Reasons to be Hopeful

Pandemic did not stop RACSB from serving those in need Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. It’s a kind of strength that...

ASK MOM: Son doesn’t like change, throws fits when getting hair cut

Son doesn’t like change, throws fits when getting hair cut by Mary Follin and Erika Guerrero THE PROBLEM: My 7-year-old son can’t stand change. I’m not...

Grymes Memorial School: Building Community & Launching Joyful Learners

As Grymes Memorial School prepares to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2022, it is certain the past two years will be an important chapter...

It’s About Helping People

Coldwell Banker Elite agents are thankful for opportunities to give back Since 1980, Coldwell Banker Elite’s team of experienced Realtors has helped countless families buy...