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A Busy Weekend

There was lots of dadding going down in Fredericksburg this last weekend. I went all over the area, doing stuff with my son, my...

Rappahannock Area YMCA: Make It a Summer to Remember

The Rappahannock Area YMCA is pulling out all the stops to make sure the summer of 2022 is about being active, making friends and...

ASK MOM: Divorce makes daughter angry, mom gets the blame

Divorce makes daughter angry, mom gets the blame by Mary Follin and Erika Guerrero THE PROBLEM: My (14 yo) daughter blames me for divorcing her father....

RACSB: The Power of Play

Early Intervention Experts Emphasize Play’s Importance in Early Childhood Development What if there were a 100% free activity that was guaranteed to improve your child’s...

“Eggsactly” Right

  I had a Girl Smarts workshop I presented last week that I really liked.  While I usually work with fourth and fifth-grade girls, this...