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Community Updates

Fredericksburg Area Museum Announces Collection of Community Objects

Our community, Nation, and world at large are currently experiencing one of the most challenging events of our current lives. As we work together...

Fredericksburg Area Builders Association Seeks Masks

Our area is seeing an increase in positive cases of COVID-19. Our local hospitals, medical centers, and health care providers need our help. There is a...

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ASK MOM: Son Turning into Hypochondriac

Son Turning into Hypochondriac by Mary Follin and Kristi Crosson THE PROBLEM: Ever since the pandemic started, my 11-year old son ‘catches’ everything he reads about....

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day Together

This Mother’s Day, treat Mom to simple pleasures. Here are a few suggestions for making her special day, well, special. Go to the movies It’s most...

Phenomenally Female: Area Women Share Their Stories of Motherhood & Success

We are celebrating what it means to be phenomenally female by sharing the stories of five local women who are living out their own...

Girls on the Move: Young Female Entrepreneurs Looking to Make Their Mark

Generation Z, aka Zoomers, are rapidly dethroning Millennials as the “entrepreneurial generation.” According to a Gallup poll, 40 percent of students grades 5-12 want...

Editor’s Note: Wisdom from Our Mothers

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” – Unknown I’m grateful to have spent 36 years with my grandmother. As...