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Community Updates

Fredericksburg Area Museum Announces Collection of Community Objects

Our community, Nation, and world at large are currently experiencing one of the most challenging events of our current lives. As we work together...

Fredericksburg Area Builders Association Seeks Masks

Our area is seeing an increase in positive cases of COVID-19. Our local hospitals, medical centers, and health care providers need our help. There is a...

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Latest Articles

Little Fish Swimming Brings Personalized Swim Instruction to Central Park

This spring, a home-grown business is taking root in Fredericksburg’s Central Park. Little Fish Swimming started in 2007 when sisters Keri Rayford and Rochelle Preut...

List It!: Getting Your Home Market Ready for Your Family’s Move

You’ve made the decision to sell what is probably your greatest financial asset—your home. You couldn’t have picked a better time. There are many...

Stop Apologizing and Start Saving!

It’s a well-established joke that there are plenty of “Karens” out there who, in an effort to get what they want, are nasty and...

Tips for Organizing the Playroom

Over the years, I have tried dozens of organizing strategies for the playroom. Who doesn’t love clean lines, order and almost no clutter? But...

Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

The best tip I received from a realtor when I was looking to buy my house was to find a good realtor, not just...