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ASK MOM: Am I Raising a Liar?

AM I RAISING A LIAR? by Mary Follin and Kristi Crosson THE PROBLEM: My daughter (she’s in sixth grade) lies about everything. I can’t tell if...

ASK MOM: My Boys Can’t Stand Each Other

My Boys Can’t Stand Each Other by Mary Follin and Kristi Crosson THE PROBLEM: My two boys are ages 10 and 7, and when my second...

ASK MOM: Too Many Choices for Kids?

By Mary Follin and Kristi Crosson ​ The Problem I’ve always heard how important it is to let children make their own decisions about little things, which...

ASK MOM: Guilty Mom Wonders About Screens and Restaurants

by Mary Follin and Kristi Crosson THE PROBLEM I’m feeling like a hypocrite. When my son was a baby, I used to get upset when I...

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