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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


Rain in Style

Style Hacks

We all love a good hack don't we? I know I do, especially when it involves fashion. So, I thought for this week, I would share with you a few easy style hacks that I know and use.  Grab yourself a cup of coffee and let's chat.  

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I often get asked, and yes, even critized, about my shoe choices.  I wear heels, we all know this, I wear them almost everyday.  So, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I have a trick up my sleeve to make some of them more comfortable.  Ready for this?  Moleskin. Ok, hang on, it's not actually the skin of a mole, that would be cruel.  Moleskin is a heavier cotton fabric that is a bit fuzzy and soft (like velvet but not as thick).  For shoes, it comes with an adhesive backing and you can apply it where ever your shoes rub.  It's thin enough that it can't be seen, but adds a lot of needed comfort.  You can of course find it on Amazon, here, but I buy mine at Target, look where they keep the shoe inserts.  

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Next up, let's talk about off the shoulder tops.  Did you know that there is a trick to keeping the top from riding up on your arms?  It's true!  Check out this youtube tutorial, here, to see how it works.  it's an easy fix for an annoying problem, am I right?  Personally, I love off the shoulder tops, so this style hack had me at hello. 

 IMG 2431


 I have one word for you that can solve so many style problems...tape.  Well, to be specific, double sided fashion tape.  I use this stuff all the time.  If you have a top that is low cut and you want to be sure it stays in place...tape! If you have a button down shirt that gaps...tape! I have even used it to hold a hem up that had come undone.   

 DC2AF322 2D40 42A9 91AF 0E29373780AE

Tape even works with a jumpsuit, or romper that has a plunge neckline.  Why do I mention this? Because with jumpsuits and rompers, you have to pull the entire thing down to use the bathroom, which means you will have to untape it each time.  I can tell you from experience that the tape will be sticky for up to three bathroom visits, after that you will probably have to retape. I even used it to close up a neckline of one my dresses, when I failed to realize the snap was missing. It is VERY handy stuff. You can find fashion tape on Amazon, here.  

IMG 1187


So don't be afraid of clothes that might seem a bit difficult to wear, there's probably an app...I mean hack for that. See what I did there? LOL.  Oh, and don't forget to check out the April edition of Fredericksburg Parent magazine. My column is all about what is hot for spring.  If you aren't local, you can find the digital version, here


Be sure to come back for a future blog's all about my archnemesis, ya know, that crazy color yellow.  Until then, enjoy the beautiful weather!




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Spring Style Standouts

Let’s celebrate my one-year anniversary writing this style column with vibrant color, tie dye, pattern, fringe and polka dots! Or, basically, the entire spring 2019 style forecast. Grab your Pantone chart...there are some beautiful and fun colors and trends this season.

Pantone colors.

I’m loving Pantone’s spring collection of vibrant colors that are not the typical pastels. There is a big emphasis on Yellow (Aspen Gold), but colors like Pink Peacock, Pepper Stem, Living Coral and Princess Blue make their brilliant arrival. Grab an item in any of its 16 spring colors and you are already winning spring.

pantone spring2019

bold color
Go bold for spring. Jacket is Michael Kors from TJMaxx, Forever 21 skirt, Stella and Dot bag and Lucky brand wedges.


Try cargo skinnies or anorak-style jackets and vests (jackets with drawstrings and exposed pockets). This could also be translated into accessories—try a cute functional backpack with buckles and straps.

Grab your anorak jacket to hit the “Utility” trend for spring. This jacket is from Target, Cape Juby backpack, KanCan jeans, American Eagle top and Crown Vintage booties from DSW.

Polka dots and patterns.

I’m not a lover of polka dots (except for my favorite pair of wedges) but if you is the time! They’re fun, playful and fit into the spring vibe. Florals are also back and that’s a pattern that is all me. Check out Yumi Kim’s designs; she’s my absolute favorite designer for fun colorful florals.

H&M jacket, Kimichi Blue dress, Sam Edelman sandals.

polkadot wedges
My polka dot go-to’s - Lucky Brand wedges from ThredUP.

Tie dye.

First the flare leg jean came back, and now tie dye? Yup! But look for a more refined tie dye—more fitted and less “I made this in sixth grade summer camp.”

tiedye dress
Tie dye is back; this dress by Tart isn’t the typical rainbow tie dye and that’s just fine with me. Denim jacket is H&M, bag by Talbots.

tiedye flares
Tie dye and flare leg jeans, a match made in heaven. Top by Ginger G, flare jeans by Frame.


Fringe, lace, patchwork...oh my! Pick one of these and grab your flare leg jeans for a perfect 60s vibe.

backpackCape Juby backpack

Earth Tones.

Not your style to be bold in bright colors? No worries, earth tones, like tan and cream, are big this spring. Try an all earth tone outfit, or add in a punch of color like turquoise in an accessory.

earth tones
Go neutral for spring. Jacket by BlankNYC, Cape Juby backpack and H by Halston heels all from ThredUP.

jergensI don’t know about you, but these spring trends have me crying tears of joy, or maybe it’s my allergies...either way, spring style is looking fun, fresh and irresistibly playful. And I am here for it. Don’t forget to start with the self-tanning lotion so on the first warm day, you’ll be ready to rock and standout in these spring trends.

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Favorite Finds For 39

Do y’all buy your own birthday presents? Hopefully, I’m not the only one that does this. Just in case I AM the only one, I’d like to say that I consider it quality control, and this way I always get what I like.

IMG 1455

Anyway, I already bought myself a few things, and I have a few more things on my wish list. So, I thought I’d share, just in case you have a birthday coming up, or ya just want to treat yo self. Which is fine, you totally deserve it. First, this T-shirt from American Eagle, here. It speaks to my heart! Vintage AND would be adorable with my flare jeans, or half tucked into shorts...

1095 0187 069 f

(image from


OR it would be cute with either of these jean skirts, here and here, or a corduroy skirt, here, that I already bought from American Eagle as birthday gifts, of course. Actually, I just added that T-shirt to my cart, not gonna lie. It's just calling my name. I sort of have a thing for vintage t-shirts.

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 This bag in red from Francesca’s. Yes I already have it in black, but they were having a sale - buy one clearance item and get the second I got this red bag and I got a matching grey one for my daughter. I don't see it online, but check the store in Spotsylvania Towne Centre. And ya know what else? If you look on Amazon, a genius came up with the idea for inserts that fit these bags... mind blown. Check it out here. I am pretty sure whoever thought of that idea deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. 

IMG 1918

IMG 1282


Also from Francescas, this really cute round rattan bag in black, here. It sort of feels like it could be a canteen...which makes me adore it even more. Keeps people guessing. The black isn't on the website, but that fuschia color is awesome, you should get that one. I am also realllllly loving this round striped bag, here. I'd add a colorful pom pom tassel to it. I already have this round bag from Target, here, is it too similar? Does it even matter? Nope, add to list. 

12022BA4 883E 4FA8 A208 AAF0948391F2

286A6B8F D2B0 4155 AC24 30EA7C6A4250 

 Last, but not least, this leopard top that I found at Target, here. I struggle wearing the normal orange/brown toned leopard print stuff, but this is more subtle in tone, and it works well for my coloring. I love it with white denim for spring. You need this top! 

56D5E350 3C48 48D5 89C0 8F86BE85A7A0

BA18E4A9 C90A 47BD AB9E C918E28FD2A6


I also love going to brunch and sitting with my man Abe at Foode... so that will be happening for my birthday as well. The chicken and Waffles are basically what dreams are made of.  

IMG 4404



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The 39th Year

Hey everyone, I’ve been MIA for awhile, ya know just hiding in my burrow until spring. March has come in like a cranky toddler, am I right? I know that old saying, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb...and maybe that’s true. But why does it have to be a cold lion? Couldn’t it be a lion that’s warmly temperamental?

Anyways, March may be a crazy month for weather, but it’s also my birthday month. That’s a bit of foreshadowing...😂 Y’all I’m turning 39 at the end of the month. This is my last year of my 30’s and I can’t help but reflect on the years and decades that have flown by. Sometimes, I really wonder how I managed to get here. 

IMG 2342

It might be a surprise to you, but there was a time in my teenage years when quite a few people thought that I wouldn’t see 21. I was a troubled kid. I’ve talked about it in another post, you can find that here. Quite frankly, even I wasn’t sure I’d make it out of high school. I was suspended a few times for various reasons. Once, I was suspended because I refused to tell the names of the kids that were out back smoking. The administrators caught me leaving the spot, I yelled to everyone else still back there to run. When questioned, and even offered a pass if I gave them their names, I refused and was suspended.

Then there was the time at a brand new school, on the very first day of school...before classes even started... I was caught smoking, again. They took me to the office where I waited for my parents to be called and to be handed my sentence. Unfortunately, no one realized that it was a bad idea to leave me in a room unattended. I made a run for it, straight out the front door. I ran out of that school building faster than you can say "run, Forest, RUN". No one in that office expected me to do that, but there I was, running away, and there was everyone else hollering after me to come back.  Where did I go? I had the genius idea (this is sarcasm...leaving school grounds was a terrible idea) to run all the way up the road and into the woods. I stayed in those woods like a fugitive all day. Friends, this was back in ’96... there were no cell phones. I didn’t even have a watch to tell time... I basically just sat there in the woods and thought about my predicament. Just a troubled girl, her packed lunch, and her thoughts. These woods happened to be next to a school for “bad kids” and that irony was not lost on me

IMG 8130

I know you’re wondering what my plan was to get out of the woods. Somehow I managed to guess the time of day by the position of the sun... I kid you not. I straight up turned into Miss Wilderness Survivalist. I guess Girl Scouts, and all of those Macgyver episodes I watched paid off...I actually learned something. So, when I thought it was about the time for the buses to be at the school, ya know solely based on the suns position, I ran myself back over, and I was actually right! The buses were there, I got on...I went home... and all hell broke loose.

IMG 7635

Yes, I knew I’d be in trouble (that’s an understatement). Everyone had been out looking for me, the cops were looking, my family, the administrators. I remember my brother saying to me when I walked into the house “where the hell have you been? You’re in a lot of trouble”. And I was in a lot of trouble, I was nearly expelled. Somehow, I escaped being expelled and was suspended instead, for a week..before I had ever even stepped foot in a classroom that year. But, the track coach wanted me to sign up to run track...he saw me run out of the school like a bat out of hell, and thought I would be perfect for the track team, so there’s that. I didn’t do it though, track wasn’t my thing. Maybe that’s why I hate running now... running is for running from something, like expulsion and bad ideas.

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So, there I was...another suspension. One of quite a few. But what, does this have to do with anything, right? Well, I spent a lot of my teenage years being expressive. Y'all that’s the PC word for being dumb. Drugs, alcohol, and a whole lot of fierce crazy, that was high school for me. That’s my March. I came into adulthood like a lion...but I’m not necessarily going out like a lamb.

IMG 0844

Even at 39 years old, I’m still quite fierce, I am unabashedly me. Every bit of everyday of every year has formed who I am now, and, while I may not be leaving a lamb anytime soon, the lion has a better temperament and appetite now...usually. March might be a temperamental month, but those born in it are some amazing and fierce people (I’m not biased ;) ). 39 is set to be an amazing lion year, no lamb yet.

IMG 8386



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Spring Flare

These head-turning denim favorites are back. Let’s dress ‘em up and wear ‘em out.

Can it be that skinny jeans have competition now? Yes! Flare leg jeans are back! But don’t worry, skinny jean lovers, flares aren’t taking the place of our favorite denim. They’re simply giving us a little spice and variety. And, hey, that’s nice to have with the arrival of spring. So, let’s take a look at a few ways to style these retro joys.

Choose a Graphic Tee.

What better way to add a little flare to your flares than with a graphic tee? Be careful of the fit though. Try knotting it on the side if it is too loose and baggy; proportions matter, especially with flare leg jeans.

 graphicTJacket by Jack, Adriano Goldschmied flare leg jeans, Brash Heels, clutch from Francescas.

Keep It Simple.

Choose a basic, solid-colored or striped tank or t-shirt. Add interest by trying a side or front tuck. Target has affordable options in different necklines.

simpleAdriano Goldschmied flare leg jeans, Acemi top, Sam Edelman booties, BCBGMaxazria bag.

Wear a Structured Shirt.

A white button-down looks great tucked into flares, but also try patterned tops. The structure of a button-down shirt sets off the structure of a flare leg jean. You can tuck them in or knot them up! Bonus points if you grab a belt to show off.

structured shirt
Adriano Goldschmied flare leg jeans, Dolce Vita heels, Style Envy top, clutch from Francescas.

Add Layers.

I love long-length cardigans, and they look great when paired with flare leg jeans. Try a fitted jacket or a blazer—perfect for getting that “Rule of Three.”

layers2Adriano Goldschmied flare leg jeans, Cardigan by H By Halston, Mossimo heels, Topshop top

layers3Adriano Goldschmied flare leg jeans, Acemi top, Huoduoyi jacket, Sam Edelman booties, BCBGMaxazria bag.

Hudson flare leg jeans, Free People jacket, top from Target, Dolce Vita heels.

Unique Top.

Be it a cold shoulder top or something with interesting details, bring your flares to life. Be careful not to go overboard with the interest. A little goes a long way when paired with pants that are already a bit “extra.”

unique top
American Eagle top, Dylan George jeans, H by Halston heels, BCBGMaxazria bag

Ready to show me your flare? If your closet lacks flare, check brick-and-mortar or online second-hand stores. Fashion is cyclical, so second-hand is a great way to find pieces out of style pieces that have recently made a comeback. If you don’t have luck finding them second-hand, try American Eagle. I LOVE their jeans!

Bonus Shoe Tip:

Wear heels or wedges with flares. Pointy toe heels make your legs appear longer. Be sure your flares come down to the ground. I have a few of my flares hemmed to different lengths to accommodate different heel heights.

heels1 heels2

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