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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


Rain in Style

Be Fierce and Fearless...Outfit Inspirations

Hi everyone! Welcome back. Last week I had said that I would talk more about the Wayf top that was on my birthday list, see that post here. So that's what I am going to do! I'd like to show you some different ways to style it, and yes, I will talk about the logistics of wearing it. Just so we are all on the same page, you can find this top at Nordstrom, here. It is a fierce top, the plunge in the neckline isn't for everyone...however, it is also extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down. It has enough interest on its own that it really doesn't require much fuss. Well, actually, it does require a little bit of extra attention.

  MG 7610

While this top is chic and easy, it requires special considerations when it comes to undergarments.  It is almost impossible to wear a bra with this top without it showing. So what did I do? I would recommend stick on cups, or petals. Target has some, find them here. Good, now that we got the logistics out of the way, let's take a look at styling ideas.


As you know, I bought this top in black and white...and then I bought it in grey too. Because of course I did. Sizing wise, it fits true to size, just pay attention to the size chart. Depending on brand I am either a xs or a small. In this top, according to their size chart, I am a solid small. The black one is super easy for me, because I wear black all the time. 


It is great on its own, or under a blazer or cardigan. I'd choose a blazer or jacket that has a bit of structure to it and fitted, since the top has a little bit of flow to it. These tops also work really well tucked into skirts; add a faux leather pencil skirt or a mini skirt and you are date night ready!

IMG 6042 copy


The white one is also versatile, and it does feel a little more casual to me. I especially love it under a jean jacket. Something about the contrast in textures interests me.  

 MG 7460

It's also lighter feeling than the black one, so it's perfect with lighter colored skirts! Try it with jean shorts and a kimono. If you do try a layer over it that has more drape to it, try half tucking (tuck the top just a bit in the front), like I did with the jean shorts.  

IMG 6211 copy

Probably my favorite way to wear this white one, is with puffier skirts, like this floral one. The volume and playfullness of the skirt balances the fierceness of the top.  

 MG 7587

Also, notice my pattern mixing...I am giving a nod to my post about pattern mixing with florals! Find that one, here. Always love a good mix of patterns, LOL. Now if only the weather would cooperate so I can wear this top with all the things, that would be great. You probably can't tell, but when we took these pictures, it was 32 degrees outside. What I won't do for fashion... It was a make it work moment.  And I did just that. 


So what do you think, are you ready to give the Wayf top a try? If you do, send me your outfit ideas for it.  I'd love to be inspired!



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Birthday Wishes...What's on my Wish List

Ah, March. It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. That's the saying anyway. Around here, March can be unpredictable, as far as weather is concerned. But one thing is for sure's my birthday month. March 29, to be exact, and I am turning....29.  

IMG 6346

What? Aren't we all forever 29? Yeah we are. For real though, I am turning 38. If you remember last year, closer to my birthday, I did a post about a birthday challenge, find that here. For that challenge, I wore some of my favorite outfits every day during the week of my birthday. I will do that again this year, but for now, I'd like to show you things that I am wishing far as style goes.


First up, these Indigo Road booties, here, and yeah I know, I don't really need another pair of shoes. But, I tried these on at DSW and loved them. These are similar to my favorite pair of booties below, except they have a lower shaft, which would make them perfect for dresses and skirts for the spring and summer.    

  MG 6713


See that grey jacket? That was on my list, and I gave it to myself as an early birthday gift. It's from Nordstrom, find it here. The jacket is really soft, and it's a beautiful grey color. It also fits my muscle arms really well! It's a win all the way around. 


This camisole, from Nordstrom, is also on my list, find it here, and I ordered it already. LOL. I am famous for buying my own gifts. I have seen it all over instagram, other bloggers seem to love it, so I gave it a try.   

IMG 6042


Ok, Ok...I  bought two colors, black and white. When they came in I tried them on and posted a whole bunch of styling options on my Instagram account. I was looking for the link to them, and...hold the phone!!!!!! Almost all the colors in my size were sold out! Ok, so what happened next is totally reasonable, right? I freaked out, and bought it in grey too. LOL. It's true. Total freak out moment. But, don't worry, Nordstrom will probably restock these, they seem to be really good sellers. In fact, I just checked today, and a few colors are already restocked! I recommend grabbing one. In fact, I just might write another post just about styling this camisole. There are..ahem..logistical questions, I know. Look for that post maybe next week!


IMG 6211

Also, something that I have NOT bought for myself, is this adorable clutch. It's from Stella and Dot, use my friend's link here, search for City Slim Clutch. I just adore its graphic simplicity. And, see now, I am traumatized by the Nordstrom situation, and I just might order this too, so it doesn't sell out. It would be a perfect way to add interest to a little black dress, or jeans and a t-shirt. I could see it pairing nicely with my leopard heels....yeah ok, I already bought it for myself, it's on its way.  LOL. I will use it in a few outfits to show you how versatile it is, stay tuned for that.

 Screen Shot 2018 02 28 at 1.27.18 PM copy


Also, on my list, are more Nickel and Suede earrings, shop them here. Because, of course. Yes, I already bought them, I gave them to my husband so my kids can give them to me for my birthday. He sets up a little "store" for them, and they each pick things to give to me. It's cute and they enjoy it. I bought three pairs, all size medium, including a leopard print one. And, come to think of it, those leopard earrings would be great with that Stella and Dot clutch. More reasons for me to buy it, right?!? These are a pair that I have already...Y'all see me wearing them a lot, I know.

  MG 5006


I'd actually also love a pair of blush colored Adiddas...or black and some more workout attire, but I'll save those for my Christmas list. I have spoiled myself enough where's the cake?


Maybe as a birthday gift to me, all of you local folks can go out and grab a copy of the March issue of Fredericksburg Parent Magazine, find my column in it, and let me know what you think! That just might be the best gift of all.



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6 Spring Standouts

Forget winter, spring is coming. Is your closet ready? What better time than spring to freshen things up? Eh, that might be cliché, but let’s roll with it. Here’s a look at six must-have pieces that are not only versatile but will brighten up your wardrobe.

First up, a fitted jean jacket. This one that I am wearing is by Kensie. A medium wash will be the most versatile. Pair it with dresses or skirts and booties for a casual look. You can find similar jackets pretty much anywhere...try Target, Old Navy, H&M or Nordstrom.

Jacket by Kensie, Dress by H&M, Scarf by T.J.Maxx, Bag from Target, Booties by BCBGeneration


Second, a chambray shirt. Again, a medium wash would be the most versatile. Mine is from T.J.Maxx. Tie it and wear with a pencil skirt (bonus points if the skirt is floral). Leave it open over a tank top or buttoned up with leggings.

Chambray shirt by T.J.Maxx, Skirt by Lularoe, Bag by Zulily, Booties by Steve Madden


Third, open-toe booties. These are perfect with dresses, skirts or jeans, and they allow your toes a bit of that fresh spring air! Some of my favorites are from DSW.

Brown bootie by Steve Madden. Grey bootie by BCBGeneration

Fourth, break out the floral! This bag is from Aldo. But don’t stop there! Think about floral skirts (most of mine are from LuLaRoe), floral shoes, tops or scarves. All the floral! Don’t be afraid to pattern mix. Floral patterns pair great with stripes!

This clutch, by Aldo, is floral pattern mixing perfection. Pair it with a solid color dress for a bit of spring cheer.


Fifth, lightweight scarves. I am not quite ready to give up my scarves, so I have a handful of lightweight ones on hand. Check Target, Nordstrom or T.J.Maxx.

Floral Scarf by Grace and Lace, Pink scarf T.J.Maxx


Sixth, an olive vest. Probably the most versatile piece. Wear it with jeans, skirts or dresses. It makes a great layering piece that doesn’t require much fuss.

Scarf Grace and Lace, Vest by Max Jeans, Top by Daniel Rainn, Jeans by J Brand, Booties by Steve Madden.


Find similar at and T.J.Maxx

pink clutch

Magenta clutch:  Zulily


Earrings by Nickel & Suede. Find them at


jergensBonus: Hey, it’s spring! It’s time to bust out the self-tanning lotion. I like Jergens Natural Glow. If your legs are blindingly pale like mine, try this. I only use it on my legs. It is easy to apply, doesn’t smell and it’s safer than suntanning.

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Pattern Mixing With Florals

Around this time every year I start getting spring fever... I am over the cold weather, I am over cold weather clothes. No, John Snow, winter is NOT coming...spring is, and instead of zombies we will be attacked by baby bunnies and allergies. LOL


No, but really, this week I would like to talk about pattern mixing. Specifically, pattern mixing with florals. Maybe I can work up some spring time magic and it will come sooner! I care not what that groundhog said. So let's get to it.


It can be a little bit confusing to figure out what patterns work with what. Florals can be super easy, just keep a few things in mind when trying to mix patterns. Leopards and stripes are pretty neutral, so, yes you can pair them with florals. Polka dots are another easy pattern to put with florals. For example, here is a polka dot dress, with two different floral options.


IMG 4873 

Notice the scale of the patterns. The polka dots are smaller than the floral patterns. This way they don't fight with each other. Also, the main color in each pattern is the same, black, so it ties everything together. Polka dots and florals are both flirty, fun patterns, so that's also a bonus when mixing. However, they can work with opposites too. Like this...

IMG 4913 copy


Leopard print and florals...yes please and thank you. Ok, maybe they aren't opposites, per say, I mean they are both nature inspired, but leopard is usually considered more "edgy" than florals. I do love the combo, but it is tricky!! I reccommend only pairing the two in small doses. So, a leopard pattern dress and floral clutch, or vice versa. Or a scarf and a clutch or shoes...or a cardigan and clutch. It's hard to tell, but I went for a clutch that has similar colors to the leopard pattern and vice versa. That way, they are tied in through color. Feel free to try to be bolder with it; I haven't been successful yet. If you are, please let me know and I will crown you Queen of pattern mixing.


Another combo is florals and stripes! These two are opposites, in that one is geometrical, and one is natural. But you know the song, "Opposites Attract", so it's a yes from me. Similar to the polka dot combo above..

IMG 4978 copy


The bottom right is taking the pattern mixing up a step. Notice how my clutch has TWO floral patterns AND another stripe pattern (but in the opposite of the stripes on my dress).  That's next level right there. LOL. I hope that I have inspired you to give pattern mixing a try. Take baby steps, if you need to, but do try it! It's fun and adds a lot of interest to your outfit.  


Stay tuned next week for more style talk....maybe someone has a birthday coming up soon and I might just work up a list of things I am wishing for. Not that you have to get them, that's more of a hint to my husband. Hi, honey. LOL.

Also, keep your eyes out around town. My first style column in Fredericksburg Parent magazine is hitting the stands very very soon! I am SO EXCITED.





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A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens..these are a few of my favorite things. That's the song, right? But, actually not really, I mean where's wine listed? And shoes? This week I'd like to show you some of my favorite STYLE things. Although I do love kittens...but like the whole kitten, not just their whiskers.


First up, this clutch. It's by Aldo, and it's so sassy! Yes, an accessory can be sassy. Look at cheery and crazy in its pattern mixing mastery. I posted a picture of it in my outfit group and lots of ladies went on the search for it. You have to look for it secondhand, as Aldo no longer makes this one. Check

 MG 2078


Next up, these heels.  Yes, it's hard for me to pick just one pair of shoes to be my favorite, so I split this into heels and then boots. These are by Vince Camuto.

  MG 2582

IMG 3856 

Favorite pair of booties. That's easy, these are by Indigo Road, and I got them last year at DSW. I wear them often. I've come to really love tucking my skinny jeans into my booties (when they have a taller shaft height). These allow me to tuck, and they are open toe extra bonus. If you want to tuck your jeans, make sure they are tight at your calves and ankles. Looser fitting skinny jeans do not work well with tucking.

 MG 1017


Let's not leave out my favorite earrings. These big earrings to be exact. They are by Nickel and Suede and you can find them here. These are leather, they are lightweight, and they might be the best things to ever happen to your ears. I buy them in size medium, because I like big earrings and I can not lie. I wear them all the time. A great starter pair would be gold, or silver...but I have rose gold and a few other metal shades and leopard prints ones! The later I won't get until my birthday. (It's a birthday surprise that I bought for myself. Thank you, me.)

 MG 2475 w

 MG 2259

See that last photo? I am wearing my favorite earrings, and using my favorite clutch! Winning! I should challenge myself to wear all of my favorite things in one single outfit! Actually, challenge accepted!!!


Since I am talking about jewelry, my other favorite jewelry items are wrap bracelets. I have a lot of them, from various places, mainly Zulily, Francesca's, or TJMaxx.  

 MG 3805 w 

These are great if you are bracelet challenged like me. These wrap around and attach by magnet or easy snap. If you've ever seen me try to put on a bracelet with a clasp, you would totally understand my obsession with this style. LOL.


Last but not least, my favorite and cut. I have become very picky about my jeans. Mainly because of what I said about tucking them into my booties. I only wear skinny jeans, and they must fit tightly down to my ankle. I also prefer a mid rise jean. This style has a great way of keeping your tummy in check, and your behind in place. My favorite brand that meets these criteria is J Brand.  

IMG 4364

IMG 3464

 IMG 4312


All of these are J Brand. Look for them on sale, or second hand, because they are pricey. All of mine have come from ThredUP, and I wear them all the time. I constantly stalk ThredUP to see if anymore are listed. 


Oh, and that floral top? It's by one of my favorite designers, Yumi Kim. I have several of her silk tops and dresses. If you want some fun colorful pieces, check out her clothing. Of course, I find mine on ThredUP or Poshmark, so check there too.  

 IMG 7072


 What are some of your favorite things? I would love to know. Maybe I will end up loving them, too.  




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