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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


Rain in Style

What To Do When You Have a "Clothing Fit"

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that does this...I am talking about the fit you have when you actually despise every outfit and piece of clothing that you own, and it all ends up in a heap on the floor, or on the CHAIR (you know that chair in the corner of your room, it's the time out chair for bad clothing).  I call it a "clothing fit" and it happens to me more often than you think. Sometimes, I end up going through about five outfits before I finally decide on one, and even then, I am merely settling so that I can end the madness. LOL. But how do you finally decide what to go with? It's a good question, and I am here today to try to give you some tips, so maybe your pile of "Nope" is a little less high than mine.  

 IMG 6851

    (My most recent "clothing fit" There's actually nothing wrong with the first outfit, I just disliked it and a fit ensued. I ended up in the outfit on the right.)


  • First, it does help to have multiple outfits planned out for the week; that way, if you end up having a "clothing fit" while getting dressed, you still have other outfits to fall back on. I have about two weeks worth of outfits planned.
  • Second, I always try to determine what it is about the "nope" outfit that I dislike at the moment. Sometimes it helps to simply change an accessory or shoes. And, of course, sometimes nothing helps, that's when I move on. 
  • Third, have a few outfits, items of clothing, or even shoes that you know you always feel good in and love. Even if they aren't part of your weekly outfit plan, fall back to those if you need to. There have been plenty of times that I just give up and throw on my favorite top and jeans or shorts.  If you have a favorite pair of shoes, build your outfit around them; it can help settle the "clothing fit" battle. 
  • Fourth, take a photo of your outfit with it on.  Usually, if I am not sure of an outfit, a photo of it helps me decide one way or the other. For me, as a style blogger, I have hundreds of photos of my outfits, it's kind of what I do.  But, I encourage you to take photos and hold on to them, too. Especially if you LOVE your outfit. That way you can remember it and have that to fall back on.

 IMG 5213

(My go to top when I have a fit. It always cheers me up)

IMG 4776

(Any of my Lularoe Julia dresses - above- or my Yumi Kim items -bleow- usually work too)

IMG 2522

Most often, these four tips work.  Occasionally though, they don't. If that's the case, don't fall back into sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt. Clothes have a way of changing our mood and I want to encourage you not to let a few "bad clothes" and an over flowing "time out chair" discourage you.  After all, it is all simply fabric and fabric doesn't control us. 




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Dashing Dads—The New “Dad Style”

The “dad style” or the “dad uniform,” similar to yoga pants and T-shirts for moms, would be cargo pants, baggy T-shirts and flip-flops. Am I right? It’s not only women that get stuck in style ruts and need a little help to break free. Guys do too! Except that, for guys, accepting style help might be like asking for directions... it’s a challenge for some. I am here to help! Let’s start by taking the predictable out of the “dad style” equation by using a few wardrobe staples to up your (or your loved one’s) style game.

First, let’s talk JEANS. I love a man in a great pair of jeans. For spring and summer look for a light-wash denim, in a straight or slim fit (but not super skinny). A more relaxed, but still fitted, jean is in. I love Mavi jeans, Lucky Brand jeans and even Calvin Klein.

outfitCollared shirt and T-shirt, Good Fellow from Target. Lucky Brand jeans and Steve Madden shoes.

Second, COLLARED SHIRTS. Vertical stripes and tropical prints are big this season for guys. Try one, unbuttoned, over a T-shirt for an easy layered look. Not a fan of tropical prints or florals? Totally fine. Go with classic stripes, plaid or chambray. Just be sure that the fit is correct. The Good Fellow line at Target is a great place to start; they have standard and slim cuts. Try rolling the sleeves for a more casual feel.

collared shirtsOutfit from Stitch Fix

T-SHIRTS: I absolutely love graphic tees on men, but they must fit well. Stay away from shirts that are loose fitting. Crewnecks are common, but try V-necks, too! Check out Lucky brand, and Target also has great basic tees in both necklines.

graphic TshirtGraphic Tee from Lucky Brand. Calvin Klein jeans from TJMaxx.

SHORTS: I know guys love a good cargo short; you need the pockets to stash all of the things we women ask you to carry, right? But venture out a little bit and try a chino-style short. Or, find a cargo short that has tighter-fitting legs. Good Fellow at Target is again a great place to start. Pay attention to length. I prefer shorts that hit at or slightly above the knee for guys, not below the knee.

Good Fellow shirt and shorts from Target. Skechers shoes.

SHOES: Remember the bulky running shoes of the 80s? Well, those are back in... but I can’t get on board with that; it’s a little too old school for me. For men, I prefer an oxford-type shoe, or slip-ons. I love Steve Madden oxfords, Skechers slip-ons and Toms lace-ups. DSW has you covered.

dad shoesSteve Madden shoes

Tip: For the really reluctant shoppers, why not try a style box service? You’ve heard me talk about Stitch Fix for women before, and now they have a men’s service! Simply go online to and fill out a few questions. For a $20 styling fee, a stylist will send you five items to try on at home, keep and pay for what you love, then return the rest for free. It’s easy and is a great way to branch out.

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A Step Away From Style

It’s almost the end of the school year. And, here I am, as a parent, breathing a sigh of relief.... my kids will be safe.

Yes, I’m going there. Yes, I’m going to talk about what’s weighing heavy on my heart. School shootings are common (saying that makes me physically ill). And every day, every time my kids leave my car and walk into school, I hold back tears, I reign in my fear, I try to be brave. But, in my head, the alarms sound. I want to scream. There's not a single day where I forget to say "I love you" because, we as American parents know that it might be the last time we get to see our babies. How insane is that thought? They are going to school, not a battlefield. I want to accompany them everywhere; I’d be their shield, I’d die so they don’t. 

IMG 5961 

What parent wouldn’t? It’s part of what we do. Protect our young, it’s a primal instinct. But, if that’s true, why are so many adults in situations of power doing nothing? They stand there arguing, without action, while children are murdered. Sure, they talk about doing things, even come up with a million and one reasons for what the issue is... too many exits, unarmed teachers, not enough kind words, too many students in classes, not enough supervision... etc. Shame on us, for not seeing past our own wants, for not seeing that what matters right now, is preventing children from being murdered. Why are we arguing WHAT to do, when we should be doing EVERYTHING reasonable to keep our kids safe. We do this in literally EVERY other aspect of their lives...except this. Shame on us for being so selfish.


As a human, I’m angry. As a parent, I’m livid. It is, without a doubt, morally wrong for us as a nation to stand by and allow this to continue. There is no other way to say it. Children are being slaughtered as they sit in school. We expect them to attend school, to be the best versions of themselves, just as we did so long ago. These kids deserve that right, and they deserve the right to learn without the threat or fear of dying while doing so. This is not hard. We are the adults, and these kids are dying under our watch. We owe them safety, we owe them action. And it must be done now. 

IMG 9847 

What action needs to be done? In my opinion, it's BOTH mental health reform AND gun law reform. There's a reason why I put mental health first...I know, we all know, that as soon as you say "gun reform" people jump to "don't take my guns". I listed gun reform second, in hopes that those people will keep reading. For gun reform, no one is saying "take everyone's guns" just as, for mental health, no one is saying "drug everyone and take their brains".  In this issue, we seem to be more interested in jumping to conclusions than finding a solution. As a country, we have lost the ability to come together in compromise; we no longer see the world as shades of grey, but rather, we see it as black and white. That is where the problems begin. Ask yourself, honestly, why didn't anything happen after Columbine? Why nothing after Sandy Hook, when the blood of first graders stained the floors?  Why haven't those events, or any of the countless others, been the fuel in our fire? Why? We can't possibly be so stubborn that we will continue to allow children to die. I refuse to believe that we aren't better than that. I very strongly believe that no one side is correct, no one side of the issue will fix this. Our nation is better than this, our country is stronger than this. Insisting that it’s one way or the other, that it's only mental health or it‘s only gun reform is counter productive. It's BOTH. These kids are begging for us to save them - how dare we refuse change. 


Allow me to be frank - we are speaking about keeping our children safe...why WOULDN'T we want to do everything possible so that they come home? We can close schools for an inch of snow to keep kids safe, but preventing them from being gunned down at school is somehow confusing, difficult and seemingly impossible? It honestly feels like, those that haven't lost a child in a mass shooting lack the empathy and foresight needed to see we are next. Let me also say this, an outdated constitutional "right" is NEVER more important than the right to live.  

IMG 7089 

Let no one doubt, that there is something wrong with the youth that choose to murder. Evil walks this earth, but evil can't win. Very simply, evil cannot have access to guns. And, just maybe, we adults have failed in more ways than we realize. Maybe we've raised a generation of kids, especially white males, who seem to think that life should always be fair and rewarding to them. Maybe we haven't taught them what to do when they fail, or how to manage feelings, how to harness anger. Maybe, as they watch the mounting animosity between adults, it tells them the only way to be heard is through violence. Maybe, to them, recognition resides in the number of bodies on the floor. Could it be, that if we come together on this, if both sides of the argument agree to make meaningful and effective changes, will that stop the madness? Will leading by example be the way out? 


To the parents of the children who we've let die in school shootings. I want to speak to you, from my heart. As a mother, I am deeply ashamed of the priorities that our nation seems to have adopted. Somehow, we've gone astray, we've placed our morality in the hands of money hungry individuals. Dollars over life. This fact haunts me. I cannot imagine your pain, the agony of breathing when half of you is gone. I want you to know, that my heart shatters into a million pieces for you. As a mom, I want you to know, that I care. I want you to know that your child's life mattered. Your child will not be forgotten. And, I want to express my anguish at even writing in the past tense about a child, past tense because the present tense no longer applies. I ask other parents to just imagine having to speak about your own child in the past tense. Honestly, it should break you.  

IMG 1423 

We need to break this cycle. These kids are priority number one. No exceptions, no excuses.   

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Laugh With Me...Or At Me.

Hi again! I have a special treat this week for you. It's time for some laughs. I get asked a lot about how my photos, most are on Instagram, always look so good. Well, here's the thing...they DON'T. I mean, I can guarantee you, that I will be looking a fool, yelling at my kids, or adjusting something and being extremely awkward about it during every shoot. I know, "pictures or it didn't happen" right? So, to prove it, I thought I would share with you all some of the outtakes that show me doing just that... being a normal human. I mean why not, right? I love to laugh at myself, so please join in and laugh along. 


Let's start with my angry knee... I know y'all have seen it, how can you miss it?? I have an angry face on my knee. It just showed up one day and hasn't left. I guess it's my new angry friend...or like one of those good/bad angels on your shoulder...except this one is an angry one on my knee.

 MG 4395

  MG 5173



And how about when my kids are around... and they imitate me.  Totally natural and not prompted.  These two make shoots interesting.  

 0BAEE10D 9079 47DC A515 4E5802FBA66E

 MG 0734


Then there's the times when I just make weird faces, becuase I see a bug, or my hands touch something gross...

 MG 9271

And there are the times when I have wardrobe malfunctions, or I just get mad at a piece of clothing and get rid of it...

 MG 2917

Or like these, where I don't even know what my issue is, but whatever predictment I might be in, it's obviously hilarious.

 MG 3316


 These are especially funny, because of my facial expressions... I mean I can't fake this stuff. It's comedic gold.

 MG 4154

While all of these are pretty funny, and I love to laugh at them, this one is probably my favorite, simply because this is me being me. I am pretty weird, I make goofy faces all the time...sometimes I just up and dance for no reason at all. I figure It's better that the world see me being my own special brand of weird than not see me at all. My motto: less embarrassed, more authentic.

 MG 2962 




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White Jeans Done Right

Hey everyone! Welcome back. This week I thought that I'd talk a little about my arch nemesis...The White Denim. What? It totally sounds like an evil villain name...The White Denim strikes again. Think about it...perfect comic book title. Ok but for reals, let's talk about some styling ideas for white jeans and also one big thing to look out for.

IMG 3410 

Y'all know me, you know I will discuss the realness of a situation. And there are plenty of real concerns when talking about white denim. Ladies, it cannot under any circumstance be see through.  The material needs to be thick enough that you can't see through it. I don't know about you but, I love my underwear...and yet I don't want the entire public to see it. Keep it classy! Look for a skinny jean cut, even better if it's mid-high rise. The ones that I have are distressed and are by JBrand, my favorite brand. Find JBrand here.  I have also hear some good things about American Eagle, J Crew, and Loft. I do love American Eagle jean shorts; I think I just might have to go and try their jeans on too, white or otherwise. Helloooooo shopping.


IMG 3403 

Ok so maybe wearing my white jeans to a farm, wasn't the best idea... good thing I had this jacket with me so I could put it down before I sat. White jeans have a tendency to strike fear into the hearts of many when faced with the need to sit down while outside. But, regardless, I survived and so did the jeans. By the way, my jacket is H&M, graphic tee and shoes are from Zulilly. My bag is Betsey Johnson from ThredUP.

  MG 3548

 So, what do you wear with white jeans? Pretty much anything. Here are a few outfit ideas. Go bold and contrasty in black and white, bonus points if you add a pop of color in your shoes or bag choice. Pink hair optional :) The white graphic tee is from Zulilly, Jacket is Blank NYC, shoes are from ThredUP.  

IMG 3589 

Try your white denim with a chambray top and neutral shoes. I'm wearing leopard heels here, because of course, but you could swap them for wedges, sandals or booties. My top is Buffalo by David Bitton, and I found it on ThredUP.  Vince Camuto heels from ThredUP. 

IMG 2577

Go tropical with it. Something about white denim makes me think tropical...I have no idea why. Try putting a floral top with them. The top on the left is Dalia and I found it at T.J.Maxx, shoes are Sam Edelman from DSW.  The top on the right is by my favorite Yumi Kim; it is second hand from ThredUP, shoes are Jessica Simpson from DSW.  

 IMG 3811


OR go the opposite direction and try them with an animal print top. It's always good to keep 'em guessing...will she be tropical today or edgy or girly?? LOL. You never really know, do you? This jacket is Romeo and Juliet from TJMaxx and my top is  Violet and Claire from ThredUP.  Shoes are Sam Edelman from ThredUP.  

 IMG 3806

Whichever way you choose to style them, don't forget to have fun and be confident. Like a narwhal..aka sea unicorn. There's nothing more confident than a narwhal. This hilarious top is from Zulilly, be sure to check there often, they have some amusing graphic tees. Shoes are Lucky Brand; these are probably the most comfortable wedges that I of course I have them in black polka dots too. LOL.

IMG 3815 




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