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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


Rain in Style

Pretty in Plaid

Do you love the look of a plaid shirt but feel more “lumberjack” than “fall chic” when you wear one? I know I do. So, let’s all put our axes down and look at a few styles ideas for plaid shirts that are fall hits and definitely not lumberjack misses.

Over a dress.

Tie a button-down plaid shirt over a dress. Try it with a fit and flare style, fitted or even a maxi dress. You can also try leaving the shirt open over a shorter dress, and roll the sleeves, or tie it around your waist. Mix in some leopard print and you’re good to go. I'm sure no lumberjacks look that cute and put together.

over a dress3

Open with jeans.

Wear the plaid shirt as a layer with a solid color or graphic tee or a tank top. Either way, it looks pulled together. Plaid shirts make a great third piece to your outfit without adding extra bulk.

open over jeans

With a tutu skirt.

I’m pretty sure a lumberjack wouldn’t wear a tutu with a plaid shirt...but you should! I love this look for a holiday party. Unique and still chic. Tie the shirt up at your waist or tuck it in to the tutu. You can find this tutu in tons of colors on Amazon. Throw in some sparkle with your accessories, and the party should just come to you!

over a tutu

Under a jacket or blazer.

Wear it buttoned up, with skinny jeans and throw on a jacket, bonus points if you have a leopard pattern shoe or bag to go with it. A moto style faux leather jacket is a great way to bring a bit of edge to your plaid style.

under A blazer

Tied up with a skirt.

Wear it tied at your waist with a pencil skirt, mini skirt, or even a maxi skirt. No one chops wood in a skirt. Add tights and booties if it’s too cold for bare legs.

over a skirt

Ready to give plaid a try? Perfect! Say goodbye to feeling like a lumber jack, my friend ou will surely be pretty in plaid

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On Confidence and Judgment

Hey, y’all. What’s new? Anyone else wonder how it’s already November? I feel like I blinked and that was October. Anyway, I thought this week I’d talk a little bit about confidence and judgment. We all need a good reminder about confidence and how to be confident in an often mean-spirited, judgy world. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.

 IMG 0844


I am not above moments of self consciousness and doubt. And, I’m not talking solely about fashion here, I have moments in every aspect of my life that I constantly doubt myself on. Who doesn’t? There are days when I am my least favorite person. Sound familiar?

Confidence isn’t something someone else can give you. It’s not something that can be bought or worn. It has to grow within you and be nurtured and cared for. We have to find our confidence, or be lost to everyone else’s judgments.

IMG 1299

We live in a society that makes it extremely easy to judge someone based on nothing more than a Facebook or an Instagram post. It seems that we have lost the ability to see past outside appearances, to see past social media posts, to see people as they really are...we’ve become quick to judge and slow to love. I find that people tend to create a version of you based on falsehoods, misunderstandings, or even based on jealousy. People love to say “be yourself”, and when you do just that, you are judged for being too much you. I’ve been there, I’m often judged. I’d love to say that I’ve always been really good about handling the haters, but that’d be a lie. They used to get to me, they used to really tear me down. Like, bawling in the bathroom down. Now...the words bounce. I’ve figured out, that some people simply don’t like your light; they think, for whatever reason, that you shine brighter or have more beauty than they...and they will do anything to dim it. Some people believe only one can shine the brightest.

 IMG 0440

Basing your self worth on someone else’s opinion of who you ought to be is the equivalent to letting them control your light. Don’t give them that power. I wish I could tell you that there is a secret to having the confidence to shine on, despite the haters. If there is one, I don’t know it. But what I do know is this, find confidence in knowing that you are a beautifully unique person. We all carry a light, and we all can shine just as brightly and beautifully as the person beside us. Know that your unique light is needed to make this world a brighter place. Have confidence in yourself, in your beauty, in your strength. Know that it is ok to be ALL of you. Don’t hide in fear of judgment, be bold in spite of it.

IMG 1282 copy

And to those that judge others and try to take them down, you too must find confidence in yourself...because taking down others doesn’t make you better or stronger. What it makes you is weaker. Only a flame that’s dying tries to rekindle by burning the ground around it.


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Favorite Cold Weather Accessory

Well, it got cold quick, am I right? Granted, this is Virginia, and we don’t really abide by the normal definition of fall...or really any season. After all, Virginia is for lovers...lovers of drunk weather and crazy weird storms. LOL. And, seeing as we have some sort of Dectober (that's December and October) weather going on right now, I thought, this week, I’d talk about my favorite cold weather accessory.

 MG 9779a

Long socks! They are heaven on chilly mornings and evenings. Mine are from Grace & Lace, and you can find them here. I’m telling you, they are like leg warmers and slippers combined into one glorious item. They come in several different colors and even a few patterns. I would add a pair to my Christmas list, but ya know... they sell out, so I will just buy them now, and fake surprise when I open them on Christmas. Plus they are on sale! It's a win win. 

  MG 9798

Pull them on over leggings or jeans, or you can wear them on their own. I find they stay up better if they are worn over leggings or skinny jeans. Either way, I prefer them to slippers, because they keep me much warmer.  Which is good if you are a person like me who is ALWAYS cold.  

IMG 0792

So, grab a book, put on your long socks and say "see ya" to cold legs.  


And, while you are lounging in your long socks, don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends on October 28! Details are, here.  Hurry! Go now! 


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It's Giveaway Time

Hey everyone, welcome back. My post last week was all about fall trends to try...If you missed it find it, here. It was also the topic of my style column for the October issue of Fredericksburg Parent and Family magazine. If you are local, go pick one up! If not, you can see it digitally, here. Every month, my column gets turned into a blog post too, so you have about a million ways to read. LOL. You ain't tired of me, are you?

IMG 2564 

Good. Because I have a fun post today. I am doing a little giveaway! I figure it's a great way to say "thank you" to all of my readers and followers..and because it's fall, and I love fall...I'd like to spread love everywhere like the leaves falling from the trees!


Too much? eh ok, fine. Let's get to it..stop goofing around. So, I have three things in this giveaway and they all happen to be a few of my favorite things AND be on trend for fall. Perfect! First, these Nickel & Suede Earrings. Y'all know that I love these earrings, they are lightweight leather, in size medium...I have a matching pair! The texture on these is beautiful and the color is very close to the pantone color "Quetzal Green". They contrast beautifuly with orange-rust colors. 

IMG 6161

IMG 6747

And these Nickel & Suede earrings too! Because, y'all these earrings are like can't have just one. These are also size medium, which is the size of all of mine. The texture reminds me of aspen trees, and the color is similar to Pantone "Quiet Gray".  I might be a little jealous of these...and I might have almost kept them...but I didn't. They will be on my Wish list, for sure!

IMG 6162


But that's not all folks! Last but not least is this Rachel Pally Clutch. Yes, I have an identical one, yes I love mine. You can flip it over and have more yellow showing or have the floral showing. Perfect fall colors too. This is the perfect companion to either of the earrings above. The one below is mine, but the giveaway one is just like it. 

IMG 1877

IMG 1783


Ok, so how do you enter?  Simple,  click a Rafflecopter giveaway  do as many of these entries as you wish...the more entries that you complete, the more chances to win! Hooray!!!  I will announce the winner on Instagram and on my Rain In Style facebook page.  Good luck!



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5 Fall Trends to Try

Can you feel—no, not the love tonight, but that ever-familiar chill in the air? Fall is here, and it’s my favorite season. Nothing makes me happier than changing leaves, pumpkins in the field and candy in my kids’ Halloween buckets—except for fall fashion. Here are five fall favorites, both on trend and classics, you should try this season.


It’s a classic that’s on trend for fall. You should absolutely have it in your closet, be it a shoe, bag, jacket or doesn’t matter, they are all fabulous. The best part about leopard print is you can treat it as a neutral, which makes it easy to pair with just about anything in your closet. Try pattern mixing it with plaid, polka dots, floral or stripes!

 leopard print booties

My favorite Leopard print booties by Sam Edelman. Faux leather jacket by Black Rivet, Hudson jeans, all from ThredUP. You can find this jacket on Amazon!

leopard print bag

Trendy and classic, try a faux leopard print bag. This one is from ThredUp.


Metallic and glossy fabrics are big this season. Try a metal-colored skirt, or even a metallic-colored clutch. Metallic heels? Sure! Make them the centerpiece of a monochromatic outfit. Bows are on trend too. I love my Betsey Johnson bags because I like big bows and I cannot lie.

bag shoes jacket

Bringing a lot of fall trends together here, Blank NYC faux leather jacket, Jessica Simpson bag with a bow, and leopard print heels by Jessica Simpson from DSW.

metallic clutch

Metallic Clutch by Urban Expressions from TJMaxx.

LEATHER OR FAUX LEATHER, which I prefer, is both on trend and classic. A fitted faux leather jacket should be in your closet. I have them in a few neutral colors. My black one from BlankNYC is my absolute favorite. You can find it at Nordstrom.

leather jacket dress

Faux leather jackets, like this BlankNYC one, make all of our dresses look fall perfect. Find it at Nordstrom.


If you don’t know already, every season Pantone releases their color trend forecast. For fall and winter, you’ll see a lot of jewel tones. Colors like Red Pear, Poppy, Russet Orange and Quetzal Green (think Teal). However, it’s their classic color choices that I really love. Colors like Sargassso Sea (Navy), Tofu, Almond Buff, Quiet Gray and Meerkat. Beautiful neutrals to wear together, or on their own. Try mixing Pantone’s classic choices and the jewel tones; wear one of the classic colors and go monochromatic or use one of the jewel tones as a pop of fun fall color.

pantone dress leather jacket

A bright blue dress, one of Pantone’s colors for fall. Dress is Lularoe, jacket is BlankNYC. Entire outfit is from ThredUP


All the rage a few years back, these boots aren’t a new trend and I don’t see them dying out. Same with booties. Try the OTKs with leather leggings, shorts, dresses, or with your skinny jeans. Be sure to balance them though. I like to add a bit of volume with layers and a scarf when I wear mine.

OTK boots

Top shop jacket, t-shirt, Nanette Lepore bag and Tart faux leather leggings all from ThredUP. Over the knee boots are Unisa from DSW.

Here’s to welcoming fall with fabulous style! Maybe if we all show fall flair, we can scare winter away for a little longer. A girl can dream right?

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