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Rain in Style

2019. It’s here, and it feels pretty good. I don’t know about you but I always enjoy the start of the new year...except for our cold January weather; I could do without that. Not to worry, warmer weather is on the horizon. I’m hoping for an early spring. Where’s that groundhog? Someone make sure he gets the memo.

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What will this new year bring for you? Any big goals in mind? Any big changes? My goals are pretty simple and low key. As far as style goes, I have a goal I’ve set for myself in regards to my closet. And that’s to let go of the unloved pieces and only replace with things that I absolutely love and will wear often. We all probably have quite a few things in our closets that aren’t serving us well...the unloved space taker uppers. I know I do. Don’t even ask me about my dresser drawers! LOL. I have come into my own style preferences, and things that I used to love, or thought that I’d wear forever, just aren’t doing it for me anymore and they should be donated. Yeah, that’s all fine and good, until they get snatched out of the giveaway pile for fear I might someday want to wear it and I’ll forever miss it if I give it away. Just me?

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Seriously though, I’m determined to get a better handle on my closet. Keeping only what I love. I’m also committed to keeping with my mostly second hand shopping. I say mostly, because I know that one of my favorite stores like American Eagle or Nordstrom will have sales that lure me in. And, let’s not forget that TJMaxx and Marshall’s are also loves of my life, so I can’t just quit them. It wouldn’t be fair.

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And of course, if you follow me on Instagram, you are sure to see that I have a bit of an obsession with fitness. My goals for the new year in that arena are to be stronger and to be better at becoming stronger. What do I mean by that? Well, sometimes I’m not the most coordinated or the best with proper form. In fact sometimes I feel like a straight up brick. So practice makes perfect...or just less brick like. I also tend to stay in my lane as far as home workouts go and this year I want to push myself out of that box and try new routines. I have a goal to lift over 300 lbs...and I won’t get there if I take the easy route. Challenging myself means changing myself, and that's exactly what I want this year to be about. Challenging, changing and surpassing.

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That's not to say that fitness is the only place that I feel like I need to challenge myself. Keeping that challenge mindset, I have also set a goal to put myself out there more, grabbing opportunities as they present themselves. Whether that means entering more art shows, or writing more for different outlets, or simply being social more ( I tend to be a homebody)...I plan to do them all and then some. So bring it on 2019. Let's see what you got.

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2019. It's here...where will it take you?


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