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Hey everyone, welcome back. My post last week was all about fall trends to try...If you missed it find it, here. It was also the topic of my style column for the October issue of Fredericksburg Parent and Family magazine. If you are local, go pick one up! If not, you can see it digitally, here. Every month, my column gets turned into a blog post too, so you have about a million ways to read. LOL. You ain't tired of me, are you?

IMG 2564 

Good. Because I have a fun post today. I am doing a little giveaway! I figure it's a great way to say "thank you" to all of my readers and followers..and because it's fall, and I love fall...I'd like to spread love everywhere like the leaves falling from the trees!


Too much? eh ok, fine. Let's get to it..stop goofing around. So, I have three things in this giveaway and they all happen to be a few of my favorite things AND be on trend for fall. Perfect! First, these Nickel & Suede Earrings. Y'all know that I love these earrings, they are lightweight leather, in size medium...I have a matching pair! The texture on these is beautiful and the color is very close to the pantone color "Quetzal Green". They contrast beautifuly with orange-rust colors. 

IMG 6161

IMG 6747

And these Nickel & Suede earrings too! Because, y'all these earrings are like Pringles...you can't have just one. These are also size medium, which is the size of all of mine. The texture reminds me of aspen trees, and the color is similar to Pantone "Quiet Gray".  I might be a little jealous of these...and I might have almost kept them...but I didn't. They will be on my Wish list, for sure!

IMG 6162


But that's not all folks! Last but not least is this Rachel Pally Clutch. Yes, I have an identical one, yes I love mine. You can flip it over and have more yellow showing or have the floral showing. Perfect fall colors too. This is the perfect companion to either of the earrings above. The one below is mine, but the giveaway one is just like it. 

IMG 1877

IMG 1783


Ok, so how do you enter?  Simple,  click a Rafflecopter giveaway  do as many of these entries as you wish...the more entries that you complete, the more chances to win! Hooray!!!  I will announce the winner on Instagram and on my Rain In Style facebook page.  Good luck!



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