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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


Rain in Style

Summer time... yeah ok it's already August, but I just found my latest obsession and I had to share. This week I want to talk about my must have summer accessory. Although, of course sunscreen is the must have accessory, because no one wants to risk skin cancer. But, after that, comes a seriously cute accessory...

 MG 5199 web 

Carl's ice cream!!! Ok...that IS a great summer accessory, but I was talking about my bag. I have noticed a lot of bloggers carrying these round straw bags, and I also love them...but I didn't love the price tag. So, I waited...I thought that I'd either buy one off season, or strike second hand gold and find it on ThredUP. Lo and behold, I found a Talbots one on ThredUP for a decent price. It was new with tags. The Talbots price was $108, ThredUp had it for $50, and even then I struggled with whether or not I needed it THAT bad. Eventually, though, I bought it and I am so glad that I did.

 MG 3476 web 

 It seriously goes with everything. Rompers, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts...all the things. It makes an outfit look instantly very summer ready. I love that this one has navy accents and that it had a removable cross body strap. I don't usually wear cross body bags, so I took that strap off and the handles are perfect for carrying.  

 IMG 0616IMG 0663


Since ThredUP rarely has the same exact pieces, I decided to search the interwebs and find you all some similar style bags. First stop, Amazon. They have quite a few; this one below is my favorite. I love the red pom poms on this one, and it has a great light neutral color. Find it, here. I favor arm straps, not cross body, so this one is great if you prefer them too.

Screen Shot 2018 07 25 at 12.17.14 PM copy

(Photo credit: Amazon)


Another version that I found on Amazon is this one, here...LOVE the version with dark handles. The leather handles might be more comfortable to carry. This one also comes with tassels, however, you could probably remove the original dark tassels and use colorful ones. I might actually order this one, from Amazon, for my bag.  Find it here.    

Screen Shot 2018 07 25 at 1.18.35 PM copy

(Photo credit: Amazon


Last but not least, is this one that I found at an online store calle Moos, find it here. It is definetly larger than mine, but I know us moms sometimes need a larger bag...because kids. This one already has tassels in neutral colors so it would go with a lot of things.

Screen Shot 2018 07 25 at 12.45.28 PM copy

(Photo credit: Moos


Are you officially obsessed with these bags as I am?? How about we all meet at Carl's with our straw bags and eat an ice cream.  We will be the epitome of summer...minus the beach. 


Oh and don't forget to use your discount code for ThredUP that I talked about in last week's post, here.  Use this special discount code, parents25, and get 25% off for the first 300 new ThredUP customers. It expires August 26th. Go. Shop. Now!!! (The discount only applies to items under $50)




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