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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


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Rain in Style

Something happened a few weeks ago that is both humorous and sad. My closet gave up on me. It called it quits, threw in the towel, cried Uncle...I think I even saw it waving a white flag.

We were sitting at dinner, and we heard a very loud crash. My kids, of course, decided that it must be Santa, or some sort of dragon on the roof... how they went from Santa to dragons, is beyond me. I assured them it was probably something falling upstairs. My husband went to check, and when he came back, he very solemnly looked at me and said “First, I’m just glad that you are ok...and second, don’t curse too loudly when you see what happened.”

Curious, I went upstairs. Surely, it cannot be that bad, I thought. And, then, there it was ... one entire side of my closet collapsed. The rack and shelf pulled right out of the wall and dumped everything on to the floor.

IMG 4664

Now, I didn’t curse, I just sort of laughed. You know that laugh, when it’s not really funny, but you’d rather laugh than cry? That’s the one. That’s where I was. My husband and kids came up and found me just sitting on the floor, doing this weird laugh. My little girl says to me “oh mama! Oh no!!! I’m so sorry mama, this is awful.” She gets it. It was awful. My husband, bless his heart, jokingly said “Maybe you have too many clothes.”

Me? Have too many clothes?? But once I thought about it, he’s right. Although, the closet rack shouldn’t have pulled off the wall in the first place, regardless of the amount of clothes. It has one job! I had even gone in there earlier and purged a few items. I was feeling pretty good...but my closet, clearly, had other ideas.

So, what does one do when you are faced with a mountain of clothing, and nowhere for it to go? Well, friends, you declare that the guest room is now your closet, until your closet is given a make over and is rebuilt into a fabulous room fit for a stylish mama.

And you also start the great closet purge of 2017. Yup, I embarked (or am embarking, because it’s a slow process) on a closet purge. I figure, as soon as my closet is redone, the only things going back in it are things that fit me well and that I love. So fare thee well, beautiful sequin skirt that’s too big for me now...I bid you adieu, itchy too big sweater... adios dress that I never wear...

IMG 5269

Hold on, wait...but what about my shoes!!!!!!!! This was hard. I honestly love every pair of shoes that I have. In my new closet, I will have a shoe wall. A whole wall entirely devoted to shoes. Guess how many shoes an entire wall can hold? 64-ish. Guess how many I have? Over 100. I stopped couting at 100, it’s probably 125. But, sadly, I had to get rid of some of them... and I did. I’m slowly parting with more every day. I even had to put them in a bag out in the garage, because I was tempted to grab them and save them.  

IMG 5159

And, even though this project has become a bit overwhelming, it is a good thing, in a way. It has once again forced me to take a hard look at what’s in my closet and purge what should no longer stay. We should all do this on a regular basis, you know, so your closet doesn't quit you...It's a terrible breakup. But then, of course, I got sidetracked a few times by my messy closet drawers, which also got the once over. I went through everything, even my socks! Who even needs this many cardigans?!? I got rid of half, folded everything else neatly, and I made a promise to always keep these drawers this neat (wishful thinking).

IMG 5291

IMG 5292

So as I wait for my husband's help to take the rest of the racks down, patch the holes, paint, and rip up the carpet (replacing with hardwood) my current situation looks like this; a practically empty closet, and a guest room full of my clothes...


IMG 7222

Then I started thinking, what am I going to do with the outfits that I have planned out, and how can I keep them hung up and readily available. Maybe my husband has some space to spare? So, I go and check, and that my friends, is something I wish I hadn't done. Horrors. I will save that story for another day. So, for now, excuse me while I ponder why in the world my husband owns a turtle neck sweater and like five shirts that are more like Swiss cheese than they are shirts. HORRORS.  


As always, head on over to for more style fun.

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