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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


Rain in Style

Hi, I'm 37 now. My new age is growing on me.  Over the past week, I decided to challenge myself to wear outfits that make me feel really good about myself, or involve a favorite piece. A personal birthday week style challenge. I wanted to showcase seven favorite outfits in seven days, and I even did seven different pairs of shoes. I guess the idea came to me me during my husband's and my date night last Saturday, it was actually a date weekend, since the kids were staying at their grandparents' house. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever felt more fabulous than I did that’s a few photos of what I was wearing. I'm going to say this is the kick off outfit for my challenge.


IMG 6507

I got so many amazing compliments...all kind words that I really needed to hear. My crop top is from Forever 21 (because wouldn't it be nice to be forever 21? Lol) and the skirt is H&M. The skirt is from thier basics line, and usually they have decent basic pieces.  I love their more fitted basic dresses, skirts and tops, but I checked recently and it looks like the dresses and tops are a different style this season. Boo. Both pieces and my shoes are all ThredUP finds.

• Sunday- we went to brunch, and this was my outfit. My husband actually chose it...I gave him a few options and he liked this Lularoe Julia dress the best. I agree. It's bright and happy. Perfect for a quiet Sunday brunch, and walking around downtown.  If you ever see us downtown and wonder why we are taking pictures in alley you know.  

IMG 6489


• Monday- oh Mondays... it is so hard to get back into mom mode! To brighten the day and my mood, I chose this floral Lularoe Cassie skirt, paired with my favorite grey open toed booties! These shoes came from T.J. Maxx last summer, and I lived in them. They have cutouts and are a fantastic suede material. LOVE. And, Yes, you can wear suede material booties or sandals in spring and summer. This outfit is so simple, and it might be my favorite one of the week. Notice how my shirt is tied up on the side; that's how I almost always wear my tops with pencil skirts. 

IMG 6574

•Tuesday- now, if you know me, you'd know that it can't be a birthday week style celebration without spikes, heels and leopard print. Lucky for you, and me, I have all of that in one outfit!

IMG 6655


• Wednesday- MY BIRTHDAY- so of course I went big. This little black dress (again from Forever 21..really it's kinda funny, oh to be 21 again!!!, but I got it off ThredUP). I added my favorite faux leather jacket, Blank NYC. Seriously, you need this jacket. Find it here.  My shoes are recent additions, of course from ThredUP.  What did I do all dressed up? I went to Hyperion, got an amazing coffee, and sat by myself (more on that at the end) was fantastic. I should have gotten my hair done...please pay no mind to my fading pink hair, my appointment is next week, I promise!

IMG 6819


• Thursday- I went with a favorite outer layer...can you guess? Yup, it's a faux leather vest. Much like my jacket above, faux leather vests hold a special place in my heart, and my closet. This one looks better zipped and comes complete with studs (the metal decorative kind, not the male kind, LOL). Also, these Just Black jeans are one of my favorite pairs from Stitch Fix. And what's an outfit of mine without heels?!?!? Am I right?

IMG 6867

• Friday - TGIF. For real! Winding down this challenge, I went with one of my favorite cardigans, this one from Grace and Lace, and my new floral booties that I'm obsessed with. Floral embroidered things are huge this season, so keep a stylish eye out for it! These came from DSW. Also, the bag was a birthday gift from my little man. I picked it out (yes I'm that mom, I buy my own gifts). He was excited to give it to me. It's a win win. Even my kids know I'm style obsessed. 

IMG 6955

• Saturday- Last day of the challenge. It has been a great week of style fun.  I decided to end the challenge in an outfit that included a lot of my favorite things.  So, of course, that's faux leather (it's my favorite jacket), distressed jeans, spikes (they are on the collar of my top), open toed booties, the color black and camo!  Yes, I love camo! The booties though, I just got them at Target; they were the last ones AND they were in my size! It was a birthday miracle!  My earrings were a gift from my little girl.  She was so excited to give them to me, that she opened the box herself...she now also wants her ears pierced.  

IMG 7087 2


So that's how I celebrated my birthday week. I loved finding ways to wear my favorite things, and I challenge you to do the same! No, not just around your birthday...but every day. That's my goal. To wear my favorite things every day. This challenge really helped to turn my attitude about my new age fact, I spent my birthday morning at Hyperion and I thought their cup was a perfect metaphor for how I'm feeling...

IMG 6743

See, that's me...killin’ 37. Even riding in on a dark horse. Ok, I know it's probably Hyperion, the Titon god of heavenly light (thanks google). But even that's a good metaphor. Be like a god of light, and shine bright. After all, age is only a number right? And a number doesn't define, it refines and amplifies.

I enjoyed my time at Hyperion so much, that I am going to make it a weekly thing. Me, working on blog posts and staring at a fierce warrior...sounds perfect.  


Don't forget to head over to my blog at for more style and laughs.  




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