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Your Military Sons and Daughters

Moving is difficult! The packing, unpacking, transfer of schools, jobs, etc. It is one of the most stressful events that a family can go through.

I'm happy to share with you a true story of a military move. If you're moving soon...military or'll want to read this! This young couple moved from Alaska to Kentucky/Tennessee. The writer of the article is our Blue Star Mothers President, Teri Reece - one of the strongest ladies I know!  One picture below is of them spending some well deserved family time in sunny Florida.


Here is their story :)

Transferring from one duty station to a new one can be extremely difficult.  My son, who is in the US Army, just finished his 3 year duty tour in Alaska and is now transferring to his new duty station in Kentucky/Tennessee.  What a learning experience this has been to us all, having the military ship his personal items to his new base and his vehicle, having him home on leave before he has to report, and transporting his dog on the plane with him for leave in Virginia.

Alaska - Army _1.jpg

Since this is the first duty station transfer for our family, there were obstacles that we never thought of.  Learning first hand, we will be ready for the next duty transfer. 

Here are my top 2 tips to think about when making a military transfer:

1. Make sure the emergency brake on your vehicle works before the military ships it.  Check it in advance in the event that it doesn’t and repairs are needed so you have plenty of time to have the repair shop order the parts and repair the vehicle in time. 


2. When flying your animal on a plane, be prepared for when they bring him to you at the airlines baggage claim office in the baggage location at the airport.  My son’s flight was from Alaska, to Seattle, to Washington, DC.  The flight took 15 hours, including the layovers.  His dog, which is like a child to him, was trapped in a special animal cargo crate for the entire time. 

Airlines will take the dog out of the crate to use the bathroom and food and water IF the layover is 4 hours or longer.  We did not know this rule.  When “Chance” was picked up in his crate in DC, we had to go to the emergency vet immediately.  He had tried to bite his way out of the crate & lost 3 of his bottom teeth & his lips were jagged.  He was severely dehydrated.  After a day, he was much better, but he was on antibiotics for 7 days and pain meds for 4 days.  I am now advised that there are animal rescue transports that will drive your animal from one place to another, although I wasn’t aware of these at the time, nor am I aware of the fees for this. Something to look into or the future.


Having my son home on leave has been wonderful and I love that he has pretty much stayed a homebody since he has been home.  He leaves May 1st and I am savoring each moment with him.

I have also learned a lot from other Blue Star Mothers of Fredericksburg from their experiences. 

As a Blue Star Mother, we ask that you remember that our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and loved ones are still being deployed. Until They All Come Home....

For more information about Blue Star Mothers Fredericksburg, please visit our website @ or our Facebook page 

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