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Your Military Sons and Daughters

I know that it is only February but typically, by this time, our children have decided that they want to do (or think they want to do) with their lives after high school graduation.

Many will decide to join the military. Some of the reasons: job stability, health care, discipline, love of their country and because they (or their parents) think it is their best option. Of course, the GI bill is also another reason that our children join the military. The financial burden of college may be too much for some children and their parents. The military offers an alternative option to help pay for it.

What I know (and what I hear from other military moms) is that this scares the bee-geezies out of them. They are scared to have their children leave home. They are scared to have their children be put into an atmosphere that is so very different from “home." They are scared that their child will be put in harm’s way.  And, they are scared that their child will be left to “fend for themselves” and are just praying that their child makes smart decisions.

My advice….be strong and comfortable that you have done your very best for your child for the last 18 years! Making the decision to join the military is huge. It is a very important life decision. The part that can be the hardest to digest is that this may not have been your life choice for your child.

Some friendly mom advice - Enjoy the last few months of their high school career. Let them make memories that they will want to come back home to. And then let them go off to make new memories that they can share with you when they return home. Life is about memories.  Through the Blue Star Mothers of Fredericksburg, I have learned that military moms have a few things in common:

1.       They are proud!

2.       They cry often

3.       They are strong

You will always hear a military mom praising their child. At the Blue Star Mothers meetings, we cry together and always support each other. And mostly, we are not just strong but also we are resilient.

If your child has decided to join the military after high school graduation, reach out to an awesome group of ladies who’ve “got your back!"

For more information visit our website @

This article was written be Linda Clevenger, 1VP and Blue Star Mother


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About Blue Star Mothers

Blue Star Mothers Fredericksburg is a community group that provides support to each other and local military families who have given their children to serve our Nation. We support every branch of the Armed Forces and it's veterans through patriotism, education and social events. We support our community and its active and deployed military through on-going service projects, including providing our servicemen and women with care packages. For more information about National Blue Star Mothers you can visit their website. To find our local chapter click here.


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