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Tori’s Stories: A Doula-mentary

The Best-Trained Doula You Know

Doulas aren't a new thing. Doulas have been around as far back as we can tell. Even the name has its roots in Ancient Greek origin, from the word doule, meaning female slave. 

We were the "trusted servants" who sat with a woman as her birth time approached, working with her to keep her comfortable, to clasped_hands_541849_1280__2_.jpgserve her physical needs as she transitioned from woman (or girl, really) to mother.  We were the women who (by chance or choice) who were the most knowledgeable, the most comforting, the most dependable women to have around during birth and the postpartum period.

That time-honored support hasn't changed. We are still the women who make you feel most at home, the most in-control, the women who instill confidence in you to be the most amazing mother you can be.  What has changed is the back-end of doula work, the business side. Where once we were slaves, we are now business owners, with a choice on the mission and vision for our business.

My mission and vision statements, (which you can see on my website here) declare to the world that a Doula of Fredericksburg's support will be up-to-date, unconditional and enthusiastic.  You can expect that when you meet with me or my doulas, we will get to know you, what you want, and learn how to best communicate with you to help you feel both informed and confident in the processes of birth and parenthood.

That is why I, and any doula associated with my company, will pursue our national certification through ProDoula.  Through the many training and certification options available to doulas, ProDoula stands out among the rest with their connection to their students and the quality of support they both demonstrate and teach their members to provide.  (I should know, I trained with two other organizations that did not inspire me to doula excellence before I found ProDoula.)

What makes their training truly exceptional (and why my are clients are grateful that I'm ProDoula trained), is that they spend a lot of time focusing on how to uncondionally connect with our clients.  Unconditional means that I believe you are strong and capable of making your own choices for your family, without an agenda of my own.  I can only fully support a client when you are confident in my ability to learn what you want and you are sure I will enthusiastically and knowledgeably support your choices.  ProDoula teaches all of that and more.

Business_Woman.jpgI'm proud to be a ProDoula.  I'm proud to no longer be a slave, but a business owner, one of many nationally who are making changes to improve the quality of the birth and parenting experience.  Locally, I pursue my ancient profession as a modern-business woman, a woman who unwaveringly supports her clients, their goals and wishes through the most-up-to-date trainings and knowledge of the amazing resources available to birthing families in Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas.


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About Victoria

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Victoria is mom to three precocious preschool-aged sons, proud Army wife, and owner of Doulas of Fredericksburg.  She enjoys spending time in her not-so-fruitful vegetable garden, and believes with every fiber of her being that in order to raise capable and confident kiddos, we should leave no stone unturned (and no support left untouched) to find these qualities in ourselves!

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