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The Sweet Life

OMG…my son scored his first goal at the first game I did not attend on Halloween morning. I hope the person whose Harry Potter wedding cake I was working on appreciates the sacrifice that they’ll never know I made! I wanted to finish the cake so I could take the kids trick or treating in the evening, so I decided to forego the game. Mom guilt never ends does it?

soccer29.jpgDr. Who Harry Potter Wedding Cake

First Goal...Woooohoooo!

Fortunately, my friend Natalie captured every moment and I was elated, on cloud nine. His dad and sister saw the ball slide into the goal and Rohan’s face registered complete disbelief. Afterwards, he called all the interested people in his life to tell them the good news, after which he down played it and said it was only exciting when it happened. Nonetheless it was just the boost he needed to get back into the game about which he wasn’t so excited as a newbie.

In general soccer was an adjustment to our already busy life. The week started looking like too much for the calendar especially since my kids turn into pumpkins and are fed, bathed and in bed by 8 pm.
Monday: Tae Kwon Do at 4:30
Tuesday: soccer for Rohan 5:30
Wednesday: soccer for Asha 5:30
Thursday - Tae Kwon Do for Rohan
Saturday: Tae Kwon Do in the morning; soccer games for both
Thus, coming off the bus was one big rush and I started picking him up at school. By the second practice, Asha was too tired from school to go to practice. She literally stood in the middle of the soccer field and refused to move…anywhere, including off the field. At her first game, she whined and cried and refused to play. Kindergarten was proving to be a big enough adjustment and I really didn’t have the energy to expend to “force” her to like soccer, which ironically she did but the timing seems off. So I withdrew her and she continued to go to Rohan’s games with me. As long as she had a snack and a parent, she was good to go.



Super Awesome Coach Tyler

Rohan was a trooper, he is the least experienced on his team but he enjoys the game, the camaraderie and the practice. The games have given him a completely different outlook on sport. When he was “too tired” to go to a game on a Monday night, we talked about how he had to be there for the team. He went and he ended up having a great time talking about their win. Weekday games seem toughest for him with school. When he was again hesitant to go on a dreary weekday evening, he perked up seeing his friend William at the door offering a ride. For my ordinarily solitary son, I’m thrilled at the social interactions the game has bestowed upon him. He still prefers Tae Kwon Do and I suspect that will be something he continues for years, but soccer…well it’s been good on so many fronts!

Being a soccer mom has been an education for me as well. I really look forward to the time I spend with friends on the field. It’s relaxing to sit outside, cheer on the kids and catch up with the other moms on what’s happening in their lives. Elaine, Natalie, Mimi, Betsi…all present in the name of sport…not so bad! When Ashoka is in town, he joins us. The first time I saw him, he was sitting on a chair, which I had no idea we owned. Apparently blanket sitting is not his thing! He also learned what I’ve told him for years…you don’t peel apples, the peel contains the best part, not to mention the nutrition. When he took time peeling apples to cut and serve as a snack at a game, the boys were baffled by why anyone would peel the apple. It was both hilarious and vindicating to see his confusion at why they didn’t appreciate his efforts and their confusion at why in the world would you bother to peel apples?

soccer26.jpgA game in the rain


End of season party and words of wisdom from the Coach

Autumn is a beautiful especially here in Virginia. When the air started getting crisp, Elaine bought a thermos of hot chocolate for the team. Rohan is still talking about how nice that was…it’s all wholesome fun. Well except at the game last week when the kids from the other team were purposely kicking the ball out and they kept tripping our kids. Some of those soccer dads were a sight to behold. They were rabid in their coaching…both off and on the field. It’s an “under 8” team for goodness sake! It was entertaining until they scoffed at kids from my team. The natural urge to protect, another quality I learned about being a soccer mom. My son does not want to play again unless he has the same team and especially the same coach. Being a soccer mom was such an education this time around, imagine how wonderful it will be going in experienced next time! Oh well…one can hope!

P. S. I have to add that I wrote this post before he had scored his first goal and since I wrote it my son scored his second goal. He has become more confident on the field and he was over the moon to get a trophy, his first ever. He asked me to make cookies for his team, which despite one of my busiest baking weekends, I did…with pleasure! It has been such a joy to watch his entire attitude towards the game change and progress in just a few weeks. Unlike his thoughts from a few weeks ago, he has now decided that he most definitely wants to sign up for spring soccer!


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