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ameeta and ashoka001First year of marriage - SO happy and deliriously in love!!Losing weight in the New much more cliché can you get?  But here I millions of others, hoping, wishing, wanting to lose weight.  I thought about joining a gym...but joining is fine, then I actually have to go and I don't trust myself to do it.

You often hear, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  Well, I'm officially insane when it comes to losing weight.  I mean I really want to, I do...but when life gets crazy (every day with two small children, a husband who needs lots of attention, a mother who is VERY concerned that all the other women my age have lost weight but I am sliding into the opposite direction, in-laws who stay for months at a time, siblings who do more for me than I can ever do for them, an aging aunt who feels that I should be sending cakes to Atlanta to show that I'm thinking about her.  I sent cookies and she was disappointed.... there are SO many people to please all the time!!), there is nothing like a bowl of ice-cream to make me forget my worries for a moment, or maybe a brownie, or two, or's pretty hard to eat just one brownie...and therein lies my problem.

For most women it's wine, for me it's most definitely food...all food, any food...and keep in mind I'm vegetarian so I actually do have my limitations.    When I see people who lose weight, I am always anxious to hear their storyI don't know why I expect to hear some magical advice but I ALWAYS ask and listen, hoping to glean that pearl of wisdom that will be my route to all things thin.  Eat less; run more seems to be the consensus.  Yeah, yeah.... I’ve heard that a million times but that one doesn't work for me so what's next?

On my recent trip to India (, EVERY relative I met greeted me with warmth and love and then commented on how much weight I've gained.  The last time I was in India I WAS PREGNANT with Rishi, yet I looked much better. That was six years ago! Life is running me ragged and I need to get control but I feel like I just don't know what to do! I've determined that I eat more if I decide to diet.  I love to go outside and walk/run but only if the weather is nice, which is the very reason I've only gone twice in the past month.  So you see my problem?  I have to do a million things around the house...spend time with the kids, organize (a never-ending project), pay bills, laundry, bake for fun, bake for the café across the street and bake for customers, cook, volunteer at school, work on my burgeoning business, check Facebook (yes, it’s necessary!), and all the things I to do seem to be of an urgency that take precedence over working out. 

Africa 2005 014updatedA few years into marriage, still okay but should have stopped (the weight that is!) right here!I remember slimmer husband once wanted to buy me a dress and he called to ask if I was a size 4 or 6...that has not happened in a long, long, long time. But he is a good husband or again, smart enough to know to never comment on my weight.  I once worked with a gorgeous woman, who was on the heavy side. But she was and still is very confident. She told me to never talk about my weight because I would call attention to it.  Well it's good advice to go by but I do the opposite.  I talk about it all the time; I mean I'm thinking about it so it just kind of comes up. 

I also think about all the women I’ve asked about their weight because they look annoyingly fabulous, all for different reasons.  Val doesn't eat much, Burty walks two hours a day and does not eat much, Neema runs and does yoga, Johanna changed her eating habits completely and she would actually count the number of almonds she ate, Charmaine swears by weights, Jo eats half of what she wants, Amberly told me that if I go to bed hungry, I'm doing the right thing, Allison gets on that treadmill every morning, Meg runs, Justine has admitted to eating a can of green beans at her desk to curb her hunger (not something I’m willing to do), Jill just started running and she walks her dog, Cindy transformed her body doing yoga, Maria counts calories, Heather got a tummy tuck (actually two!), Yashi is blessed with good genes as is Mary.  She (Mary) drinks milkshakes on a regular basis and never gains a pound...she may be the most annoying of them all!!  

kidsonchair11th year of marriage....not posting a picture of myself. I mean, a girl has to have some self-dignity, you know? But what better reason to neglect yourself (just temporarily of course ;) You probably think I bake so much, like the Gender Reveal Cake below that  I eat it all but honestly, I don’t eat much of what I make unless I’m away from the house where it’s beingcamocakeMy most recent project...a gender reveal cake, if only this future mom knows the path upon which she is about to embark...exciting, scary, amazing!! served or to taste it…okay maybe a cookie or some cake crumbs here and there but my cooking is consumed more by my husband than by me and he of course, never gains weight! I enjoy smelling the vanilla, the chocolate and the baking in the oven but I don’t feel the need to eat it more than a nibble…it’s not ice cream after all!

I could keep going because I definitely like to know what people do to lose weight; it's almost like the information gets me closer to my goal. But let me wrap up with a little story about my cousins instead.  The two of them had babies within a month of me.  They both hated being pregnant; I LOVED it...I hate to admit it but eating with no judgment, free-fitting clothes and being considered cute with a stomach just works for me...totally works for me! 

Anyway both of those cousins gained pregnancy weight and they have since put their minds to it and lost the I am still waiting, wondering, obsessing, contemplating whether or not to join the gym (I should just do it! Right?) or take free classes at my daughter's preschool or walk when it's nice out...ugggghhhhh it's a struggle, and by struggle I mean just thinking about what to do is stressing me out…. so for 2014 my first goal is to Make A Decision on this weight-loss thing. Stay tuned and, hey, I’d love to hear your weight loss tips if you want to share!


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