The Sweet Life

As someone who has always enjoyed baking...cakes in particular, I just KNEW I would make the most amazing cakes when I eventually had children to bake for.

Finally, the seemingly never-ending search for a husband ended-surprisingly well I might add-especially considering that he had to fit a number of boxes: background, religion and so on. I planned to be the perfect wife and, eventually, the ideal mother.

You may think it sounds ridiculous but my reality was quite lovely and my envisioned future with a growing family even more so. A couple of years into wedded bliss and I was ready for kids. Then another year went by...and then another...and another...and finally I had to see a doctor to find if there was a problem.

After some testing, we discovered that my thyroid was the issue. Five years after getting married, I was finally pregnant and I gave birth to my son the following spring. Just 13 months later, I was unexpectedly pregnant with my daughter. "What a gift!" I thought, "Now I can be the mom I always dreamed I would be...RIGHT?"

Well, the parenting thing was overwhelming to say the least. After baking cakes for every occasion for most of my life, I ordered both of my kids' first birthday cakes from local bakeries; in fact I did the same for their second birthdays. I wanted to make the cakes. I had dog-eared pictures of birthday cakes that I had dreamed of making for my unborn children and now that the children were a reality, the best I could do was to cart myself to every grocery store and bakery to compare cakes. I know I could have made them but to do that and take care of them and manage the day-to-day craziness at home with two little way, not possible.

Next post, how I finally turned things around and managed to fit baking into my not-so-perfect (but still pretty darn good) life. Stay tuned!

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About Ameeta

Moms of the world...we're in the kitchen all the time so why not make it fun...RIGHT?! After working in the field of higher education for over a decade, I decided to stay home. Being here is wonderful (sometimes!). BUT, I love the invaluable (read crazy but good) moments with my children. One thing I miss about work is having a creative outlet. Decorating cakes and cookies gives me that focus for my creativity. It's therapeutic to work on cakes, cookies and the like. As you will understand, with two young children, lots of therapy is necessary! Hence I've been baking more and more....and in my blog I'll be sharing my culinary adventures with you with a side serving of raising my two kids! For pictures and information about my confections, please visit my site at



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The Table at St. George’s is a market-style food pantry serving the extended local community. Visitors are invited to select their own items from a variety of fresh food, including locally grown produce. The Table’s mission is to encourage healthy eating, build relationships with those in need, and blur the lines between those serving and those being served.



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